Fuck your unicorns and mermaids, I want this new DRAGON highlighter


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Fuck your unicorns and mermaids, I want this new DRAGON highlighter

Fiery glow is for Khaleesis only

If I had a dollar for every unicorn-themed product launch this past year, I'd have enough money to buy all the unicorn-themed products launched last year.

What I'm trying to say is, it's a lot. And there's nothing wrong with the absolute avalanche of unicorn and mermaid-themed lipsticks and highlighters and whatever else. Some of would just prefer…something else.

Like this new dragon-inspired highlighter from Makeup Revolution, for example. I mean just look at this warm, ember-y glow:

The warm tones are ideal for fall, and the shimmer is ideal for a Targaryen queen. I can practically see Dany wearing this at her eventual coronation.

The Dragon's Heart Highlighter is multipurpose — you can sweep it up your cheekbones for a fiery-hearth-y glow or across your eyelids for a warm brush of color. It's perfect for brown eyes, but honestly would look amazing on anyone. And they aren't even paying me to say that!

The best part is this precious lil heart is only $9, meaning you can buy one for everyone in your group so you can all radiate equal power. Or just keep it for yourself so you look better than them, whatever. All you, queen.

If you're still bent on this whole unicorn-mermaid thing, you're not totally out of luck. Makeup Revolution also launched a mermaid-themed heart highlighter that would look admittedly pretty great on pale bitches like me:

Aaaand of course there's a unicorn one, too:

Both the mermaid and unicorn highlights are also just $9 so if we're being honest, I'll be getting all three as soon as my bank account gets out of overdraft. I'm trying to be mythical this fall, thanks very much.

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