‘That makes me feel objectified’: Why do girls think it’s cool to sexually assault male musicians?


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‘That makes me feel objectified’: Why do girls think it’s cool to sexually assault male musicians?

Leave them alone, jeez

Fans sometimes feel a bizarre sense of entitlement over the celebrities they support. In exchange for our unwavering and obsessive support, we want total access to our idols' art, opinions and personal lives.

But when it comes to access to their bodies, a line must be drawn in the sand: touching celebrities without their permission is not only not okay, it very often falls under the category of sexual assault.

Video footage circulating around Twitter of a fan groping Harry Styles while he performed at We Can Survive in Los Angeles on Saturday illustrates this point perfectly. In the clip below, a hand can be seen touching Styles's crotch before he quickly retreats back onstage.

Luckily, the majority of people discussing the incident are disgusted at this violation of Styles's personal space. A #RespectHarry tag was even created in response to the incident.

And Styles is not the only male performer who has been touched inappropriately while performing. Rapper Lil Peep recently took to Twitter and asked his fans not to grope him onstage, telling them it makes him feel objectified. Lil Peep also commented on the Styles incident, saying that it happens to him "every show."

Another rapper, Detroit native Danny Brown, caught flack in 2013 when a fan spontaneously began performing oral sex on him while he was performing. Though one of Brown's close friends, artist Kitty, termed that incident sexual assault, Brown himself said that he did not consider it "a big deal."

Those who violate the consent of male celebrities might do so because of the way we're socialized to believe men are interested in any and all sexual contact.

That's absolutely not an excuse, just more incentive to dispel stereotypes surrounding male sexuality.