This woman actually did the ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ method, and it’s low-key genius


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This woman actually did the ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ method, and it’s low-key genius

It’s gone beyond love ferns

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days isn't just a romantic comedy anymore. Oh no. Now, it's a guidebook on how to get your boyfriends to break up with you so you don't have to do it.

Yeah, I'm serious. And it's fucking brilliant.

Women are now actually taking cues from the movie and choosing to be bad girlfriends in order to prompt their boyfriends to break up with them so that they don't have to do it. Like I said, brilliant.

In the Los Angeles Times, Kendra Liedle detailed her experience turning into Andie Anderson so that her boyfriend would be the one to end things. The man she was seeing, who she refers to as "B", was too-clingy, emotionally needy, and overall way too aggressive about their relationship for her liking.

The final straw was when he proclaimed that he wanted to “club [her] over the head and drag [her] to [his] cave." After that, Kendra decided the best way to get rid of him was to turn the tables and become the girlfriend from hell. "I ignored his calls, didn’t answer his texts and avoided seeing him again," Kendra wrote. And eventually, it worked.

Okay, so this isn't as batshit insane as Kate Hudson's method… I mean no Princess Sofia conversations or love ferns? But whatever works, I guess.

And while we already know it's better to be honest, dating expert Madeleine Mason told The Independent that honesty is the best policy because "if not only out of the principle, you never know when and in what context you meet someone again, treating someone badly might come back on you in a bad way." So if you're anxious about karma, it might be something to think about before deciding to be shitty instead of a mature adult.

Plus, there's that whole considering someone else's feelings thing but, really, who does that anymore?

Be careful, though, because acting batshit insane might backfire. He could find all of this behavior endearing or worse, he could think it's permission for him to act weird too. And then you're stuck in a deeper hole than you were already in.

Lose a guy in 10 days at your own risk, my friends.


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