How to reject a booty text from that guy who won’t stop hitting you up at 2am


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How to reject a booty text from that guy who won’t stop hitting you up at 2am

When he’s not getting the hint

You're in the car on the way home from a night out. It's been great, but now the only thing on your mind is crawling into bed. Out of nowhere, you're phone starts blowing up with texts from that guy you made-out with one time at the bar five months ago. First you got the uber suave opener, "hey." Those three little dots start blinking and before you have a chance to respond or even roll your eyes in comes the, "you up?." You've tried to be nice, but he's just not comprehending the fact that you are not interested. We've got some tips on how to reject a booty text.

Is this the first one?

It really doesn't matter if it's the first time he's reached out or this has been happening for months on end, it's an unwanted booty text. The first time he reaches out, he's taking a shot so there's no real harm in that. You can shoot that down if you want or just let it slide until the morning. If you want to keep him around for a potential hookup, but aren't into it that night, we'd chat him up a bit. Let him know that it's not going to happen, but ask if he's up for chilling another night soon.

He's a repeat texter

If you can predict his text at 2am every Saturday like clockwork, then it might be time to get direct. He's persistent, but he's just not getting it. We'd just go with a firm, "not interested." That should stop him in his tracks. It can't get any clearer than that. Don't send any responses after that because you've gotten your point across regardless of what he texts back.

There's always the classic approach

You've been nice. You've been blunt. When in doubt, ignore, ignore, ignore. He'll annoy the ever-living-shit out of you every time he gets in touch, but it's probably the most effective method. If you're done and want the nonsense to end, block him. That'll put those pesky booty texts to a final end. You can move on with your life and find sex with a more worthy partner.

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