The absolute worst first dates on Reddit we found that will make you want to swear off romance


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The absolute worst first dates on Reddit we found that will make you want to swear off romance

It’s scary out there

First dates are full of excitement and nerves so there's plenty of room for people to make complete fools of themselves. There's the classic awkward silences, food disasters, and blind dates. Then there are the total cringe-inducing encounters that make you grateful that it wasn't you. We took a deep dive to find the absolute worst first dates on Reddit.

Not "the best restaurant in town"

We went out to eat to a place he swore was "the best restaurant in town." There was a hair in my wrap and at the end of the date he tried to kiss me, I then sneezed in his mouth. I was horrified. We ended up dating for over a year.


Mom doesn't always know best

It was a blind date set up by my mother. I went because she begged me to even though I knew it was going to be a disaster. He drove us around while preaching to me about God for two hours. I didn't speak to my mother for three months after that.


Third wheel nightmare

14 years old. Guy invited me to a movie. We'd met in person a few times through mutual friends and we talked via Facebook for a few months before he asked me to be his girlfriend. I of course said, "yes," cause he was cute and I was 14. So I get to the theater and find that he's brought his best friend along. I thought, "oh well, I kinda feel bad for him cause he'll get third wheeled, but it was his choice to come."

Guy didn't pay for my movie or drinks, but paid for his friends, not that I wanted him to, but I expected him to offer! After all he had invited me… Gotta love that.

Through the whole movie I was the one being third wheeled. Until of course he asked me if I wanted to kiss. I said, "sure." And so we made out for like half of the movie. He tried to go further, but I was like, "nah, man."

[He] "broke up" with me a week later. Broke my 14 year old heart.


Sketchiest pit stop ever

Met a guy at a club and we seemed to hit it off. He called me a couple of days later to schedule a date. While at the restaurant all of his conversations were drug related (Do you like__? Have you ever done __?). As he's driving me home he stops in the worst part of town to buy crack. I never spoke to him again.


The first date that never really was

A trumpet player in pep band asked if I wanted to get lunch with him. We had just spent an four days together at a basketball tournament with band which was the first time we had really ever talked (flutes and trumpets don't hang out a whole lot normally). I had enjoyed our conversations the past few days so agreed.

We met up for lunch and then a walk through the historic downtown near our college. I found out halfway through our walk that he thought this was a date. I had assumed that he already knew I was a lesbian as it was fairly well known within the pep band. But, no he had no idea and it was pretty awkward cause we had to walk a half mile back to campus afterwards. He never really talked to me again after that…. So my worst first date was only a date according to one of us.


Movie date & dash

Huh. I had a pretty obvious crush on one guy who kept playing oblivious (and I kept making a fool of myself… ah to be 19 again). One day he said "hey, why don't I take you to a cinema?" and I said (to myself), "yay fucking finally!" So he picked me up (good) we went in, stood in the queue for 20 minutes (still good) then when we got to the cashier we were told only front row seats are left. Date guy looked at me and he said, "Eh, nevermind then." So he got in his car and left me in the suburbs at 11 pm in stupid high heels and barely enough cash for a ticket for the subway.


Hunting for a new convo topic

He went into graphic detail about hunting and skinning bears. I'm not against hunting but it was a first date with a guy I met online. I tried changing the subject but he just wouldn't stop. I'm surprised I didn't get murdered at the end of the evening.


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