There’s a reason why you and every girl you know are obsessed with ghost stories


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There’s a reason why you and every girl you know are obsessed with ghost stories

But they’ll say we aren’t

I don't know if it's the way culture has depicted women in scary movies as hysterical, mentally unstable or witchy, but I do know every time one of us mentions anything relating to the paranormal, there's a guy on the other end of our sentence waiting to cut us off.

Yeah, but can you prove it? Have you ever even read a Stephen King novel?

Dark tourism is a kind of sightseeing associated with death or disaster, and it's currently on the rise in the US. Similarly, paranormal tourism, or traveling to places that are meant to be haunted, is on the rise, but specifically for women.

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Approximately half of people in the US believe in ghosts, yet 90 percent of people who've attend ghost tours in recent years are female, so what makes our declaration of belief so much less . . . believable? Because according to stats, we're far more committed to the supernatural than our male counterparts.

Characterized by a lack of boundaries, dark tourism intrigues a specific kind of person, but "There’s no such thing as a dark tourist," says Philip Stone of the Dark Tourism Institute, "only people interested in the world around them." (Read: your intelligent, interesting, thoughtful female friends.)

Richard Carradine, of Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles, told Broadly this interest or belief in an unseen world allows us to conceive of a universe deeper and more complex than the one we're in — one full of secrets and taboos.

On average, during a 15-minute conversation, girls will engaged in 36 episodes of gossip, involving 25 different people, because we just ~love~ secrets so much, so of course we're more intrigued. "Who doesn't like a good secret anyway?" says Carradine.

Paranormal tourism incorporates all of the things we're not meant to see when touring a new place, and none of the things we're not, so I guess women are just more interested in expanding our psychic and spiritual horizons. Who would have thought?

No longer are men at the helm of paranormal investigations and ghost hunting, because Danny Phantom really should have been a girl, and no self-respecting person actually likes Stephen King anyway.


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