I can’t stop laughing at this loser crying as his ‘feminist girlfriend’ flirts with another guy


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I can’t stop laughing at this loser crying as his ‘feminist girlfriend’ flirts with another guy

‘She stopped giving me blowjobs!’

I don't normally like to take pleasure in the pain of others, but watching this shitbag cry makes me so happy I'm practically orgasmic.

So here's the story: This guy is worried his girlfriend is cheating on him for a few reasons, including her being a feminist, her new haircut, and her reluctance to give him unlimited blowjobs.

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He's also incredibly disgusted that she doesn't want to shave anymore, either. As soon as I saw the look on his face when he says "feminist", I knew I was in for a wild ride. He looks absolutely bewildered.

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He was so worried about it, he enlisted the help of an obscure YouTube channel called To Catch a Cheater to send an actor in to flirt with his girlfriend and see what she does. They deployed a very good-looking dude in gym clothes and — strangely — a BlueTooth earpiece (?!) to chat her up while she did her homework outside a coffee shop.

And that's where things get spicy!

The Actor is nice and respectful but forward. He tells her he's a civil rights lawyer (ayyy!) and they chat about that for a while before he asks if she has a boyfriend. She says yes, but calls it an "open relationship" which is clearly the first her boyfriend's ever heard of that.

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She gives The Actor her number, and at one point literally lets out what the closed captioning calls an orgasmic giggle. You're doing amazing, sweetie!

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And who could blame her?! Her boyfriend was so incensed that she wasn't a hairless blowjob machine that he tried to trick her into being unfaithful on camera. I bet their relationship was fucking miserable IRL.

This is where he breaks down, much to my delight:

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Yes, because flirting with a random coffee shop dude means you're a big whore, according to her boyfriend. I hope her and The Actor get married in real life and he stays sad forever.

Here's the kicker: the boyfriend thinks all of this is unfair because he's good looking, too. Not surprised that a guy who thinks a haircut is an identity crisis, but it's still nice to have some confirmation bias.

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This is the kind of guy who thinks the world is separated into two kids of men: alphas and cucks. The vitriol he feels for feminists says it all. Well sorry, dude, but you just got cucked.

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