The greatest meme Halloween costumes of 2017 for you content-hungry trolls


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The greatest meme Halloween costumes of 2017 for you content-hungry trolls

Disappointed I didn’t think of these, tbh

Honestly, I'm filled with regret that I didn't do more for Halloween this year.

Sure, I partied, but I didn't really go all-out with any of my costumes, and now that the season is over I feel kind of attacked by how crafty some people got, especially in the realm of meme costumes.

In 2017, memes took a definite turn for the weird. Gone are the corporate meme costumes of 2015, when you could just pick up a Left Shark onesie at Target and be good to go — It's way more complicated now.

Here are some of the best meme costumes we scraped up from Twitter for your enjoyment. Get jealous. I know I am.

"This is fine." dog

It turns out that the unofficial mascot of 2017 also makes for a great Halloween costume. Props to this girl for carrying her source material around with her — The costume is pretty clear on its own, but it's also nice to have some context.

Also, bonus points for the mug on the table. Sometimes, it's the little things that make the magic happen.

Distracted boyfriend

I'm kind of mad because I actually thought about doing this costume, but I didn't have two other people who were into it. It also perfectly encapsulates how compiling the #content for this article made me feel.

I was a fucking farmer this year, and not even a good one. I feel like garbage. This costume is so smart and funny and meta, and all it took to make it was two friends and three pieces of paper. Halloween goals.

The Google Street View cat

Did you think this was a motherfucking game? Did you think that the only memes you could turn into a Halloween costume were the kinds that have actual names and tangible reasons that they're funny? Think again, nerd.

I've never committed to a relationship as much as this person committed to imitating this spooky, distorted cat captured on Google Street View. But by god, it pays off.

Al Sharpton gym selfie

What makes a meme a meme? Does a single, viral image of a prominent civil rights activist taking a mirror pic at the gym qualify? Yes, but I can't really tell you why, besides the fact that it is inexplicably hilarious and the first time I saw it, I sent it to at least two of my friends.

This costume is low-key, and probably only reads in this specific mirror-image context, but once you see it the payoff is absolutely there. Even the stance is accurate.

"Stay With Me" girl

This meme is a move, a vibe and a lifestyle all in one, so it's logical that it would also make for an excellent costume. It's one of those rare images that you can look at and say "same" no matter how you're feeling, because this little girl's face contains multitudes.

Plus, given all the recent Sam Smith news, it's very topical. And what's better than a topical Halloween costume, right? Speaking of which…

Jared and Ivanka

The Trump family is definitely a meme at this point, and although Jared and Ivanka aren't quite as meme-able as some members (looking at you, Barron) they're definitely up there, especially after that sex playlist thing.

Plus, remember when Jared Kushner's jacket covered up his bulletproof vest so it just said "Kush"? That ruled pretty hard, and so does this costume.

Do it to 'em

How the fuck are we going to be able to explain our humor to future generations? From the stance to the self-assured expression, it is obvious that this costumed girl is absolutely doing it to 'em. All she's missing is a quiet suburban road.

This isn't the first iteration of this costume we've seen, but I have to give this one props for caption creativity. Plus, like 12 different girls I follow on Instagram dressed as Cruella De Vil, so originality is dead anyway.

Miss Maybelline

I, too, will be unable to get any sleep tonight, because I will not be able to stop thinking about this Halloween costume.

The honeybun baby

Pure content only! The hat is exceptionally well-rolled here, and the grown-up version is a classic take/way of making a costume easier to achieve without buying anything new.

Trisha Paytas

You're not supposed to meet your idols, but it's totally fine to dress up as your idols for Halloween and tweet at the for attention. I gotta be honest — I consider myself a meme queen, but I don't really understand who this woman is.

I've seen a bunch of screenshots of her, but can't figure out what exactly she does? Someone please educate my sorry ass in the comments.

Salt Bae

I admire the way that this girl is not only able to adopt Salt Bae's look, but also his confident, sexy attitude. You've gotta be pretty comfortable with yourself to dress in drag while you're still in high school, and this girl truly nailed it.

The only way this costume would be better if she actually sprinkled salt on stuff all day, but I understand that that's both wasteful and impractical. A girl can dream though, right?

This costume artfully mimics one of the most iconic reaction images we have at our disposal using the power of body language and turtlenecks.

This is another costume that only really makes sense in the context of this pose, but it's such an easy pose to do that I pray everyone who saw this girl while she was out picked up the memery she was putting down. Respect.

Gordon Ramsey and the Idiot Sandwich

Is it wrong that I think Gordon Ramsey is incredibly sexy? I just like a guy who knows what he wants, which is for kitchens to stop being a nightmare, I guess?

I'm also a sucker for a shot-by-shot recreation, and comparing this costume to the original is extremely pleasing.

One thicc bih

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.


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