This 14-year-old model mysteriously died while working in China, and people have questions


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This 14-year-old model mysteriously died while working in China, and people have questions

The agency denies ‘neglect’

Last week, a 14-year-old model died in a Chinese hospital, sparking questions about working age, neglect, and pushing child workers past the point of exhaustions.

The model, Vlada Dzyuba, fell into a coma after walking in a show at Shanghai Fashion Week Wednesday and died in hospital two days later.

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Vlada Dzyuba at the Hui By Eran Hui fashion show

Because of Chinese law, the model was allowed to walk despite her age. On Tuesday, Russian authorities announced they were starting a criminal investigation into whether or not her death was caused by neglect. Her agency, ESEE Model Management, denies these claims, saying she only ever worked "legal eight-hour days" in her time with them.

According to The Siberian Times, she'd been feeling sick and dizzy since last Tuesday and she was suffering from "meningitis compounded by severe exhaustion."

Her agency says, they "feel sorry that we lost an angel."

“Dzyuba had 16 different jobs during her two-month stay in China, she had regular breaks while working,” Zheng Yi, the company's chief executive, told the Global Times Sunday. “Most of her work was completed within eight hours," adding that her workload was "moderate" compared with other models.

Dzyuba's mother, the editor at a local glamor magazine, got her daughter started modeling when she was 12, and sent her abroad to China at 14, because it's one of the only places that still doesn't have child labor laws restricting the hours youth under 16 can work.

America and Europe have banned child labor to protect the educational opportunities of youth and prohibit their employment in jobs that would be severely detrimental to their health.

Because it's speculated Dzyuba had no health insurance in China, she did not go to the hospital sooner.

Russian officials are looking into the model's death, and we will update this piece as more information becomes available.


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