This girl blacked out and her boyfriend turned her into a hilarious meme


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This girl blacked out and her boyfriend turned her into a hilarious meme

Ah, millennial romance

We always joke that for millennials, standards have become too low. We get excited when he texts back after four hours. If he gets us extra sauce, he's "husband material" and if he likes and comments fire emojis on our Instagrams, forget it — you're pregnant.

But grand gestures aren't over just yet because last night, when Marissa Padilla "blacked out," her boyfriend turned her into a meme and everyone is already calling it #relationshipgoals.

'When ur lit but that assignment is due at midnight'

'Come thru for that fresh cut'

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Still can't figure out how he got this bike on the bed without her waking up, but it's definitely impressive to say the least.

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'Safety first'

And thank GOD he understands the value of safety.

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A few people are as confused about the bike as I am

And some have had the exact same thing happen to them

Apparently this is some kind of alien millennial trend.

This girl got a sweet lil' note

And basically everybody is calling it 'relationship goals'

Of course, they're not wrong. This post actually really made me sad. There's never anybody there to photograph me next to laptops and make cute jokes at my expense when I black out.

I just wake up next to a little puddle of my own vomit and about four missed FaceTime calls from my mother.


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