When can you get pregnant because you’re actually not fertile all month long


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When can you get pregnant because you’re actually not fertile all month long

Only a few days to worry about

Hooking up is fun and all, but no is a fan of that, "will I get pregnant," nagging feeling you get after. It might come as surprise to learn, that you actually can't get pregnant anytime of the month. So when can you get pregnant?

Ovulation is key

Your window for getting pregnant revolves entirely around when you ovulate. So basically, your cycle starts the first day of your period. Ovulation happens when about 10-16 days before your period begins. It's essentially when an egg leaves your ovaries and travels down the fallopian tube.

What's the window for pregnancy?

The egg only lives for a day, but sperm can survive six days so if the sperm lives and finds the egg, that's fertilization. And that kids, is how you get pregnant. There's a time frame of about two weeks before your period when you have the potential to get pregnant.

Am I good the rest of the time?

We're not saying have a total sex spree the second you're outside the fertile window, but you're chances of getting pregnant go down significantly. You should always use protection even if your chances of getting pregnant are slim to none.

I had sex during the window & I'm freaking out

Okay, take a breath. You're not automatically pregnant just becaues you had a hookup within the time frame. If you had unprotected sex and don't want a baby, we'd get an emergency contraceptive pill ASAP. The sooner you take it after sex, the more likely it has a shoot at working.