How to initiate a hook up with that guy you’ve been eyeing because you deserve to get some


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How to initiate a hook up with that guy you’ve been eyeing because you deserve to get some

Do you go big or subtle?

He's been on your radar for a while and you're dying to just get into bed with him. There's so many options when it comes how to initiate a hook up with a guy. You've been debating for days what's the best way to try and get this thing off the ground. Navigating the dating and hook up culture we live in is exhausting on a good day, but hey, you've got a goal in mind. Here's some options to try and make this hook up happen.

There's the classic booty text

There's many different ways you can go about this, but it's essentially the most straightforward. You can shoot a text his way and be as forward or cutesy as you want. This involves putting yourself out there the most. It's a calculated risk, but it defintely has the prospect of getting you the quicket reward.

You could set up social situation

This is the sly approach. You could ask to hang with a group of people and do the oh-so-casaul "why don't you come with us?." It's a good way to go if you're not sure about how into you he is. Keep it light and fun. Throw some flirty comments his way and see how he takes it. If things seem to be going in the right direction, offer up your place as the next destination either just for you two or the group (and hope they know they can't stay).

Your friends can provide a distraction and you've got a backup plan in case he leaves early or something. Even if it doesn't happen that night, you can defintely lay down some ground work for a future hook up.

Go with the moment

Okay so maybe you didn't see him three weeks ago. You saw him three minutes ago while you're on a night out. There's nothing wrong with introducing yourself or getting a friend to go up to him with you.

Why not put yourself out there and see what happens! You don't know this guy well if at all so why not just go for it? You'll probably never see him again unless things go really well.