Your November love and sex horoscopes are here


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Your November love and sex horoscopes are here

Don’t shoot the messenger

Need someone else to tell you what to do with your love and sex life because you don't really care enough to work it out for yourself? Or maybe you already know, and you just love reading these dang horoscope things?

Either way, we've got you covered. Here's what you can expect from November in love and romance — or lack thereof:


This month is all about learning to keep it together and respect yourself in love.

No offense, but your life has been pretty fucking messy lately, and like spring, fall is a good time to clear out the cobwebs and leave bad habits in the past. Learn not to drink on weeknights, start cooking for the week ahead, and stop fucking that guy who isn't telling any of his friends about you.

Keep it together and keep it to yourself, we know you can.


This month is all about chasing that someone you've been eying forever.

You've spent the past few months lurking in the shadows — watching friends and co-workers go after those people they want, but being too afraid to do it yourself. The problem is the longer you wait, the less ready you'll be. By December, they'll be spooning with someone else.

It's time to take a chance because for once, you're really, really ready.


This month is about realizing change never happens overnight.

Luck has been coming your way lately, but that's not always going to be the case — especially when it comes to sex and love. Just because it's easy sometimes doesn't mean it'll never take effort again. Everyone can be impatient, but this month you're especially antsy.

You need to learn to compromise. Sometimes change happens instantly, but it's never the kind of change that's worth it.


This month, you're going to learn a lesson in love you didn't even know you needed.

You've had romance on the mind lately and it feels like it's ruling over your every day. But sometimes the thing you've been hoping for comes in the way you least expected.

Keep your mind open to new ways of love and new people because there's something good coming your way — you just don't even know you want it yet.


This month is about growing through the pain.

You've felt extremely stuck lately, especially in terms of love and sex. It kind of feels like you've been watching everyone else move on without you, and you still can't figure out why. But it's not you. It's the universe, and the best part is that it's almost over. Next time you see your ex, you'll have someone better on your arm.

Leos are like the sun — even ice can't stand in their way.


This month is about learning to believe in yourself as much as the people you're into do.

You're extremely hard on yourself about everything and see every little relationship failure as a major setback. And that can be a real turn off to people you're into! Stop stressing about every little detail and learn to go with the flow.

Put your phone away when you're on a date, stop checking your Snapchat after sex and realize you're happy in the moment. People already like you the way you are.


This month is about moving on with someone new.

Whatever you've gone through recently was really hard on you, and you're probably still coping with that. But it's really only going to get better from here on out. We learn when we're confronted with hardships and it seems like like you've been faced with a lot of those lately.

You've made it so far, but you have a ways to go. Keep your chin up, your sex life active, and the rest will follow.


Sorry, but this month is about carving out time for yourself.

You care so much about others and sometimes it feels like people aren't recognizing you. There's been a lot of giving lately but not a lot of getting back — and that's okay. Remember that you'll never make everybody happy. Say no to going on a date and sleep in late on Sunday instead.

Treat yourself to some wine and then a long shower (alone). You need it.


This month is about putting yourself out there even when you'd rather hide.

Hiding is always so much nicer, but whoever it is you have on your mind won't know if you don't tell them. You're extremely intuitive, but just because you know something doesn't mean everybody else does. The person you like can't read your mind.

Stop telling yourself you'll deal with it later, and try confronting your feelings now. Only good (sex) will come of it.


This month is square one for you.

That doesn't sound like it makes sense because it's the 11th month of the year, and your relationship life is already so messy. You just want to count 2017 as a trial run and move on with the new year but for you, this is a chance to start over. Keep in mind square one doesn't mean failure — instead it's a chance that doesn't come around often.

You have the power to meet whoever it is you want. Don't take that lightly.


This month is not not going to be good for you.

But if you do get through it, you'll be the first one to float through December with ease. Hang on tight, and try not to let the next few weeks break you. You've had a rough time in romance this year and it's not over yet, but nothing good has ever come from an easy time.

This month will help you realize who is worth holding onto, and who isn't.


This month is about recognizing the one who has always been right next to you.

It's easy in times of change to feel like you need to leave old relationships behind and move forward with the new people and things in your life, but it would benefit you to sit back and appreciate the person who has been there from the beginning.

You were never alone in this, so look at who's sitting to your right and maybe try sleeping with them, too.

Whatever is in store for you this month, know that nothing and no one is permanent, and the only person you're stuck with forever is you — so don't trip up.

See you next month.


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