This woman is suing a fortune teller who said she’d be dead in six months


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This woman is suing a fortune teller who said she’d be dead in six months

‘She stuck to her prediction’

A woman is suing a telephone clairvoyant for "severe psychological trauma" after being told she would be dead within six months.

After paying $25 for a premium call, the woman, named only as Magalie by the Mail, says the clairvoyant told her she had critical heart trouble which would end her life in six months if she didn't "start seeing a better doctor."

Magalie says she then went to see another doctor who told her there was nothing wrong with her heart — or anything else for that matter.

She was so scared, she says she called the clairvoyant again but the psychic stuck to her prediction, telling her a lot of doctors were "incompetent."

Magalie says she then began to feel so traumatized she started seeing a therapist who told her to take legal action. "I am now seeking damages through the courts," she told the Mail.

Many psychics believe only a "Higher Power" is truly privy to information surrounding death and the afterlife, and won't tell you if they foresee a transition into that life any time soon.

However, some psychics will still blurt out that you or a loved one are going to die, while others feel extremely strongly about predicting such things, saying it's unethical to do so.

The president of the Institute of Paranormal Arts says mediums should never predict someone's death and that it's "against their code of practice to do so," adding that fraudulent mediums have been known to predict death as a means of scaring victims into paying for further readings.

We are all going to die a physical death and leave this world at some point, but nobody wants that predicted to them by a stranger over the phone — regardless of his or her alleged abilities.