Who is Sarah Gadon? She’s starring in your next Netflix obsession & you’ll never guess which DCOM movie she was in


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Who is Sarah Gadon? She’s starring in your next Netflix obsession & you’ll never guess which DCOM movie she was in

Hint: It’s Hilary Duff classic

You've probably seen Sarah Gadon in a movie and don't even know it, but after this weekend you'll defintiely remember her name. The 30 year old Toronto native is starring in the new Netflix series Alias Grace that debuts on November 3. It's another adaptation of a Margaret Atwood novel so if you're still feeling withdrawal from The Handmaid's Tale this could be the perfect fix. Sarah has been acting for years, but with the already stellar reviews about her performace this is looking like her big break. Here's everything to know about who is Sarah Gadon.

She was in Cadet Kelly

"Ugh!" "Ugh!" "No!" "Yes!" Sarah played Hilary Duff's New York City BFF Amanda in the Disney Channel original movie classic Cadet Kelly. I know, I know. I was shocked as you are. That's her to the right of Hilary in the gif above. Sarah didn't get much screentime in the movie because Hilary's Kelly was shipped off to military school, but Amanda's epic early 2000s style will never be forgetten.

What's she been up to since?

If you're a fan of historical period dramas, then odds are you've seen Sarah. She played Michael Fassbender's wife Emma Jung in A Dangerous Method that co-starred Keira Knightley in 2011. She also made serious splashes in Belle (2013) or Indignation (2016). You can also find her on Netflix already in A Royal Night Out (2015) as a World War II era Queen Elizabeth.

You might have caught her when she played a small role in the underrated rom-com What If (2013). Sarah was Daniel Radcliffe's cheating ex-girlfriend that he had dated in medical school. She more recently starred in thriller The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016) with 50 Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan.

Sarah has already made her debut in a streaming series. She was in the Stephen King time-travel thriller 11.22.63 where James Franco tries to stop John F. Kennedy's assassination.

So what's Alias Grace?

This looks so fucking good! Sarah's playing Grace Marks, a servant girl who is found guily of killing her master and his housekeeper when she was 16. Margaret Atwood based the book off of a real murder that took place in the 1800s. The show flashes back back and forth between Grace's conversations with Dr. Simon Jordan (Edward Holcroft) after her conviction and her life leading up to the killings. The more Grace reveals about her life though, the less certain you'll become she's telling the truth. Familar faces like Anna Paquin, David Cronenberg, and Zachary Levi round out the supporting cast. So we'll defintiely be binging this over the weekend!

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