Snapchat is down & people are absolutely losing it


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Snapchat is down & people are absolutely losing it

Twitter is exploding in rage

Don't panic, but it appears that Snapchat is down.

Users are complaining that they have been unable to post on the app or can't login at all. A spokesperson said they're "aware of the issue and working on a fix." They added that users should stay logged in while Snapchat is down.

In the meantime, people are furiously waiting to the app to start working again. Looks like everyone will ironically be yelling about Snapchat's crash on another social media site.

Angry users started checking Twitter to make sure they weren't the only ones and found a community all awaiting Snapchat's return. "Logged out, restarted my phone, removed an reinstalled, had a meltdown, went on Twitter and saw that I weren’t the only one," one tweet said.