Is this definitive proof Kylie Jenner ISN’T actually pregnant?


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Is this definitive proof Kylie Jenner ISN’T actually pregnant?

I no longer know what to believe

Kylie Jenner is rumored to be expecting a baby in January with rapper Travis Scott, which is why her most recent drug store run has people extremely confused.

Aside from Pringles, Jolly Ranchers and Funyuns which all seem totally in line with potential pregnancy cravings, some fans have pointed out her shopping pile includes period products, which we all know would make absolutely no sense if she were actually pregnant. Medically, only about 20 percent on pregnancies include spotting or bleeding — and that's only in the first trimester.

Of course, there are a few other things she could be using the tampons for, but since Halloween has passed, it's not likely.

Although this would be a great costume for someone to capitalize upon next year.

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With all of the girls in that household, some users have pointed out she could be buying tampons for a sister. But considering to all the other pregnancy rumors floating around, Kendall would be the only obvious option, which wouldn't make sense, because Kylie bought these before getting on a Jett to head to Cleveland, Ohio, where Khloé lives with her boyfriend.

I guess it could be Kim too, but we all know Steph Shep buys of Kimmy's vaginal needs.

And presumably, neither of them need sanitary products either.

Yesterday, Kylie slammed paparazzi who she claim doctored photos of her to make her look pregnant, so whether she is or isn't, the rumors clearly aren't something she wants out there in the world.

And, she could always be buying tampons to throw us off, but wouldn't she probably have made them a bit more visible then?

Unless she knew how closely we'd look.


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