Let’s revisit the wild, wild ride that was your late 00s Tumblr account


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Let’s revisit the wild, wild ride that was your late 00s Tumblr account

@justgirlythings was your go-to, don’t lie to me

Tumblr in 2012 was truly a terrifying place: we were still making rage memes, reblogging Nicholas Cage jokes, and sharing glittery GIFs of Miley Cyrus in her long-hair-but-not-Hannah-Montana phase.

But maybe the worst part of this era was we all thought we were sooo damn cool. As a quick reminder of what a fucking internet loser you were, and a humble reminder all of us will probably look back at our modern Twitter and gag, here is a round-up of the tumblr trends you TOTALLY participated in even if they now warrant the death penalty:

justgirlythings was your go-to for relatable content

And your daily reminder to beg your mom for a tattoo.

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And to let your crush know you wanted his ~cuddles~

But mostly in front of his friends.

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But really, you reblogged anything about infinity signs

Especially if they had the anchor in them.

Your tumbr was full of memes that actually look like what your dad thinks memes look like

I feel like I am looking at an ancient art piece, rn.

Image may contain: Siamese, Pet, Cat, Animal

And you definitely reblogged tons of facts about yourself

I'm clumsy, but thats ok because I love being **quirkyy**.

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You also posted lots of stuff about crying yourself to sleep

You know, since being on tumblr meant you were deeper than the average teen.

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And text conversations with a dog

We liked to suspend reality in 2012

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Like, we even thought text posts like this were funny

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You probably reblogged tons of quotes you thought were "edgy"

Even if you didn't realize were written by 2pac

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And lots of Smiler/Selenator/Belieber/Directioner content

Back when Justin was getting arrested all the time! And now he's got a church!

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Your timeline was covered in aspirational images of girls with "sick" hair and lots of bracelets

"I want her style!"

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And tumblr boys with lots of swagg…

Image may contain: Selfie, Furniture, Couch, Smile, Portrait, Face, Human, Person, People

…who told you not to be insecure

Who needs makeup when you have tumblr??

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You probably reblogged some… slightly misogynistic content

I am so sorry to every woman I berated when I was 14.

Image may contain: Poster, Flyer, Human, Person, People

And lots of girls smoking

Because smoking is both ~edgy~ and ~cool~!

Image may contain: Smoke, Human, Person, People

Honestly, tumblr in 2012 was a godforsaken space where we let Drake give advice

We know now love hasn't worked out too great for Aubrey.

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But I honestly wouldn't want my internet archive to look any other way.

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