When should you lose your virginity because you’ve been totally agonizing over it


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When should you lose your virginity because you’ve been totally agonizing over it

Is timing everything?

You’ve been thinking about losing your virginity and you’re not sure if it’s the right time or what. It’s such a weird topic because people either put all the emphasis on it in the world like it’s a magical event or none at all. While it’s an extremely personal decision, it also feels like it’s a subject where everyone has got an opinion. We’re here to help you break down your options when you’re wondering, “when should I lose my virginity?.”

If you’ve got a significant other…

So you’ve got a special fella or lady in your life that you’re thinking about having your first time with. This could be a special moment for you. Have you talked with your partner about sex before? Does he or she know you’re a virgin? It’s not a bad idea to talk through things before hand. We’re not saying the moment should be totally planned to the letter, but you should both have an idea of what’s comfortable for you both.

Planning the moment out might put too much pressure on things and take the romance out of the equation. You’ll be all in your head and not really able to enjoy the experience. We’d let things happen when you feel ready.

If you’re flying solo…

If you’re ready to lose your v-card and don’t want to wait for a relationship to make the moment happen, good for you! You’re entirely in charge of your own sexual decisions. We wouldn’t recommend going for a total stranger on a night out. Try to find someone you somewhat know and feel comfortable with so you’re safe.

You are totally in control and should pick the time and place that works best for you. If you’re in a moment and feeling it, then go for it.

About age

The average age for a woman to lose her virginity is around 17. If you’re already in college and haven’t done the deed yet, there’s no reason for freak. Plenty of people arrive to university as virgins. You shouldn’t feel like you have to lose your virginity based on your age.

There’s the mythical “window” of time when a lot of women lose their virginities. It’s basically ages 16-22 and it’s definitely a time of freedom and exploration, but it should be when you decide. If you feel like you’ve reached an age and you’re ready, then you do you.

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