You’re unattractive if you’re wearing any of these things, according to the men of the internet


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You’re unattractive if you’re wearing any of these things, according to the men of the internet

Don’t even try and fuck with denim

There are rules, and then there are men-of-the-internet-rules.

Some examples of rules include stopping for red lights, saying no to drugs and replacing the toilet paper roll when you use the last square. Some examples of rules according to men of the internet include never wearing rain boots, sweaters or shorts.

A new survey by dating app "Hater," shows the top turnoffs for guys include turtlenecks, tattoos, dog filters, leopard print and makeup, but why stop there? Why not find out what else we shouldn't be wearing?

Rain boots

It doesn't matter how much it's raining, put your soggy Keds back on. The men don't want to see your boots.

Snapchat filters

We already knew about the dog filters, but apparently it's ALL filters that bother them. Technology is a place for men to enjoy murdering animated people with guns in video games, not flower crown filters.


This one is tricky. Of course you have to wear makeup, but you can't wear too much of it. Otherwise, people might actually know you're wearing it.

Also 'Make-ups'

We wouldn't want to forget about all the alternative spellings out there.

Ripped jeans

This one kills two birds with one stone, because who knew they didn't like horses either?

Baggy shorts

But hold out on tight shorts, because guys don't really like those either, and they'll definitely let you know when you wear them.

Literally anything high-waisted

There are so many Tweets about men hating high-wasted clothing that I had to close my eyes and pick three at random. I swear I was starting to get dizzy.

Fake eyelashes

We like a lot of things fake, but definitely not eyelashes.

Halloween costumes

Maybe you haven't heard, but Chad is not impressed by your costume, so maybe just try not dressing up next year.

Hoop earrings

"The bigger the hoop the bigger the HO" . . . oh no they heard you having fun again.

Black hats

This one is weirdly specific, so I guess it's at least kind of constructive. Thanks Leo.

Crop tops

"Only fat girls wear crop tops," and we hate women and their bodies, too.

Colored eye contacts

You're not allowed to alter things you're born with. You wouldn't, I don't know, cut your hair or get a piercing, would you?


Who do you think you are? Bob Dylan?


You already have hair. Why do you need more hair?


Especially if you're "hot." Ugly girls are safe. For now.


No girl in the history of the world has EVER know how to skateboard.


You might give some extremely sensitive guy a headache, you ungrateful swine.

Sweaters with cleavage

If you're going to cover up, you're going to cover all the way up. There are no gray areas in fashion. It's not like they make pockets hands don't fit in, or fingerless gloves.

Clean clothing

Don't spray perfume on your dirty clothing either, because headache boy might not like it.


ESPECIALLY under jeans.


We don't care if you have back problems, because we left personal ailments in 2017, too.


If you're going to swim, you're going to allow other people judge your body while doing so.


Just in general.

There are so many more women's clothing items guys on the internet hate, but I literally couldn't spend any more time scrolling. I was starting to feel bad for the ones who fired off these bizarre tweets in the first place, and that's a dangerous road to go down.

Plus, I'm wearing high-waisted jeans.

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