Harry Styles’ new video for ‘Kiwi’ is so precious, it makes me feel guilty for being turned on


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Harry Styles’ new video for ‘Kiwi’ is so precious, it makes me feel guilty for being turned on

He’s even hotter surrounded by puppies

I understand close to nothing about the new "Kiwi" music video, but I'll be the first to admit my heart stopped and my jaw hit the floor when Harry Styles entered holding a baby labrador retriever. Some things just transcend words, lyrics, and God herself.

This morning, Styles dropped the long-awaited video for one of the most popular tracks off his self-titled debut album, and fans and critics everywhere were suddenly cured of ailments they weren't even aware they had.

It's like how you don't realize you need a hug until someone is there embracing you and you kind of just melt into their arms, opening up to them about everything that's gone wrong in that past 20-some-odd-years.

Except in this particular instance, the person hugging you is Harry Styles, and he's brought a bunch of furry canine friends with him.

The video begins with a Mini Styles, played by actress Beau Gadsdon, marching down the hallway in her matching suit.

We're not sure where she's going because the lyrics — which seem to be about having a baby — don't match a single thing going on. But she's armed with cupcakes, so it doesn't matter.

Our protagonist then enters a middle school gymnasium where she finds a bunch of her classmates waiting, huddled around piles and piles of sweets and pastries.

That's when they all begin throwing it at one another, participating in the biggest, most wonderful food fight you've ever been privy to.

Nothing on Earth could possibly make this better, right? Wrong.

Because that's when Harry Styles, the ultimate sweet snack, comes flying through the side door, surrounded by an army of dogs who begin licking icing off the floor.

Understandably, people are really emotional right now

Harry is the only person we'd allow to wreck us like this

Some even think it's all a big joke between him and himself

But you can be the judge of that

Warning: Vision will blur if you forget to blink while watching.

  • No children or animals were harmed during the making of his film.

    Only a few hearts shattered, of the guys and girls who can't possibly know a love like this again.