Does cutting out alcohol actually make you lose weight?


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Does cutting out alcohol actually make you lose weight?

Can it be worth it?

Alcohol and weight gain have always been negativiely connected. You've read those stories about the girl who gave up alchohol and basically turned into a toned unicorn. Hey, if it works for you, then great. It's super tempting to try and loose the booze a few weeks before heading off a sunny beack vacation if it means looking hella fit in your Instas. Here's what we found after asking, "will I lose weight if I stop drinking ?."

Short answer: no

Shocking, right? Basically if you drink moderately, that's a drink a day for ladies, there's no correlation between alcohol and weight gain. So if you've been enjoying a glass of wine with dinner, you're all good.

Big nights out might not be such a good idea

The rule doesn't apply to binge or heavy drinking though so you've got to cool with the tequila shots and sugary mixies. Having three or more drinks in a short period of time can lead to some additional pounds.

The other problem that comes with living it up out at a party or the bars is the food you eat while you're drinking. It's a bad idea to "save your calories" for alcohol because you will end up feeling hungry. You're way more likely to start snacking on whatever is in sight or ordering a pizza with your roomies on your way home. That's where a lot of those unwanted calories have been coming from. Plus, alcohol slows down your metabolism so that's not helping either.

"Skinny" drinks

If you're trying to cut back, there's definitely tricks to ordering healthier drinks. The simpler, the better should be your basic rule of thumb. The fewer ingredients in your drink, the better. So go for a glass of wine at your dinner with friends rather than a crazy-fancy cocktail.

When it comes to vodka or gin, it's best to just ask for a bit of seltzer with a lemon or lime. Stay away from those tasty gin & tonics! They're low in calories, but have a ton of sugar in them.

Tequila lovers, keep the margarita Mondays to a minimum. Your average frozen marg has around 600 calorites. Opt for a Paloma instead. It still has fruit juices in it, but it's not nearly as sugary as a margarita.

Maybe whiskies, scotches, or bourbons are more your scene. A Mahattan is probably your healthiest bet. If you are all about the rum & cokes, then make it a diet to cut out some sugar.