There’s a biological reason guys only want to date you during cuffing season


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There’s a biological reason guys only want to date you during cuffing season

And it doesn’t last through spring

If lately it feels like guys have been paying you more attention than usual, it's because they have.

Maybe none have asked you out directly, or committed to that ever-illusive exclusivity you've been seeking, but you've caught a few more eyes in bars and noticed a few more heads turning on streets.

You've probably become a bit self-conscious, knowing you couldn't have gotten more attractive in two weeks. So are they staring because you suddenly became less attractive?

Luckily, there's a biological explanation for why guys have been taking note, and it has nothing to do with your looks and everything to do with their testosterone levels: We're all hornier in the winter, but particularly men.

The fall season increases libido in both men and women, leading to a better sex life, but early winter is when men's testosterone levels and sperm counts — associated with sex drive — are highest, initiating sexual desire.

So while girls have been horny for the past few months, looking for men, or pillows, to rub ourselves up against, they're just finally catching up.

Relationship coach Jonathan Bennett says cuffing season happens when it does because testosterone levels in men peak in late November and remain elevated throughout the winter.

"This leads to a heightened sex drive, so it makes biological sense that men would want to find a partner during cuffing season," he says.

Of course, come spring, their levels will go crashing back down, as ours decline slowly, and they'll be un-cuffing themselves before we've even had the chance to wake up.

Don't be surprised when you see them hopping in an Uber and forgetting to look back — their needs have been met for the year.