The fuckboi: Why he’s a special sub-species of the better known fuckboy


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The fuckboi: Why he’s a special sub-species of the better known fuckboy

Be afraid: They’re evolving

The fuckboy has (unfortunately) been a part of the modern dating landscape since about 2015, at least according to Urban Dictionary. Well, it comes as our duty to tell you these guys are evolving. You might have thought the "fuckboi" was just a different spelling, but oh no. This is a separate sub-species that has a distinct set of characteristics all their own. Here's your ultimate guide to the subtle, but striking differences between the fuckboy and the fuckboi so you can better survive out in the wild.

The fuckboy: what he wears

Your standard fuckboy is vaguely stylish. He pretty much dresses to suit the occasion. You often don't peg him as the fuckboy that he is right away because his clothes are so average. He's just your run-of-the-mill cutie standing at the bar waiting for you to hang/talk to for the next 2-4 weeks before properly ghosting you.

The fuckboi: what he wears

Now, the fuckboi is a more trend-setting type. He's way too into his Adidas tracksuit that he wears around his apartment for no particular reason. He'll show off his Nikes within the first ten minutes of talking to you. The fuckboi looks really put together in a way that will initially impress you. He's the type that will make you think, "he's got his shit together." Spoiler alert: he doesn't; he just looks like he does.

The fuckboy: his hair

Like his clothing, the average fuckboy has a fairly standard haircut. He could be rocking the fade or a more toned down version. The fuckboy's haircut won't shock you. He's more of a vaguely on-trend type.

The fuckboi: his hair

A fuckboi will have the latest haircut. It will look too perfect and will alarm you in a way that you can't quite identify. Something will be "off" about him, but because you can't put your finger on it, you'll brush the feeling aside. It won't be for another two dates and a few dick moves on his part before you realize he used way too much product as you're breaking down his antics to your lady friends.

The fuckboy: his tastes

There's nothing too revolutionary going on with the fuckboy's taste. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. You'll recognize every movie, music artist, and TV show as something universally loved by the males everywhere. You might roll your eyes and tease him for his fanboy love of Quentin Tarantino, but that's about it.

The fuckboi: his tastes

This kid is ahead of the curve, or at least trying to be. He's naming things you've never heard of and actively trying to get you to listen to some really deep female vocalist that "you'll just love." He might drop the name of your favorite singer, but don't get excited. Are they actually his favorite music artists though? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

The fuckboy: his behavior

Lots of fuckboys don't think of themselves as fuckboys. (Beware of the "softboy!) They think they're average joes who're just unlucky in love. Yeah, okay. He comes across as really earnest at first and shocks you with his genuineness. His charming qualities will promptly disappear around week 3.

The fuckboi: his behavior

The fuckboi is smoother. His attitude falls more in line with a player. You get the sense he's done this before, but still chose you. You're flattered and play along. The fuckboi's game tends to be shorter term. You both kind of know things are going to fizzle out, but still go along for the ride anyway.

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