Your weekly love and sex horoscope for November 13 – 19 is here!


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Your weekly love and sex horoscope for November 13 – 19 is here!

It’s cold out, but things are heating up inside

It's Monday, which means a lot of coffee, a bit of crying and another five whole days of bullshit before the weekend.

But it also means a whole new week of love, sex and war. So settle on in and let me tell you about what's in store:


This week, you could have a falling out with someone if you aren't careful.

You've been feeling stressed and it has crept its way into all aspects of your life including love and romance. Be careful not to snap at someone for something minor because they could take it the wrong way and end up backing off entirely.

Instead, try explaining the situation you're upset about to them and you'll be surprised by how well they take it.


This week, an exciting opportunity will arise with someone new.

You have some unexpected good luck coming your way in the next few days as long as you allow yourself to remain open to it. If someone tries to chat you up at a bar or hit you up on Tinder, don't just roll your eyes and turn away because it could amount to something more.

If not, it's at least guaranteed to amount to a really hot one night stand.


This week is a good week for you to turn something purely sexual into something more romantic.

Maybe it's just some sexual tension between you and someone else or maybe it's full-blown doggy, but either way you feel ready to move things forward.

The only reason the other person is holding off is because they're not entirely sure how you feel either. So go ahead and drop them some hints. You'll be surprised by how into it they are.


This week is a good week for you to let someone go.

Whoever is it you've been eyeing doesn't seem to be on the same page and it's a sign it's time for you to invest your efforts elsewhere. Maybe you've heard from a past fling or someone you met and never gave a shot hit you up. Try saying yes to hanging out with them even if you don't feel quite ready.

Worst case, you make someone jealous. Best case, you end up getting cuffed by someone new.


This week, you're finally allowed to give up on the game.

You've been doing the whole back-and forth-thing for a while now, but the person you're playing with is eager to play, too. Stop sending flirty texts or worrying about when to message them back and suggest you both meet in person instead.

Somewhere close to home is your best bet because you'll both be eager to move things to the bedroom.


This week, something you've been stressed about is going to smooth itself out.

All of your thoughts have been clouded by the same person lately and you've been wondering if it's all for nothing. Luckily, some genuine clarity will come your way this week.

You have the power to make this conversation go whichever way you choose so be ready with what you're going to say.


This week, you're going to enter into some uncharted territory.

Whether it's on a first date or in the bedroom, some new opportunities are going to come your way and you're going to have to decide whether or not you're open to them. The level-headed Libra, you're often quick to write off crazy suggestions…but this could be a learning experience.

Nobody is saying you should suggest anything crazy, but allow yourself to loosen up in whatever way you feel comfortable and you'll be surprised by what happens.


This week, the person you've been dying to talk to is going to come to you.

All you have to do is lay back and wait because all of your efforts have been noticed and appreciated. It's really frustrating feeling like you're always the one trying, but they've only slacked because you've been doing so much of the extra leg work for them.

Now it's their turn and they've very, very aware of it.


This week, you have some magic headed your way as long as you're willing to be authentic.

There's a lot of good luck in the cards for you right now, particularly with someone you're close to — but not if you close yourself off to conversations with them. You spend so much time in your own head, it can generate more problems than solutions.

If you can be honest with yourself (and with them), you'll realize you both feel the same way.


This week, something will bring you particularly close with someone special to you.

You've been waiting patiently and kind of walking on eggshells around someone, but you're finally about to make a serious breakthrough. By the end of the week, you'll have a better sense of where you both stand and where you both might be headed from here.

Just be careful not to run too quickly with it — everything in moderation.


This week is a good week for you to listen to your heart over your head.

You've been a bit too rational lately, which, as an Aquarius, probably isn't something people tell you often. But because of this, your thoughts have been getting in the way of you going after who it is you really want. And that's crazy because by now you could've made leaps and bounds with them.

Allow yourself to make some kind of grand gesture this week and you'll realize you were holding back for no reason.


This week, you're going to have a surprising conversation with someone you've had your sights set on.

The conversation might end up getting heated though, and not in the hot, sexy way you're imagining. But if you remind yourself to keep your temper in check, this conversation could set you both on a track for something more serious.

Just be careful not to scare them off before it does.

Good luck this week, and remember to pack condoms because the holiday season has a way of heating things up.


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