Kylie Jenner threw a secret baby shower while nobody was watching


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Kylie Jenner threw a secret baby shower while nobody was watching

She’s also wearing a ring on THAT finger

We know Kim Kardashian threw her baby shower this Saturday because it was plastered on every Snapstory from Chrissy Teigen's to Kim's sister Kylie's. But while our focus was on that, something else was happening.

The very next day, Kylie who is reportedly expecting a baby girl with boyfriend(?) Travis Scott, is suspected to have thrown hew own baby shower in the back yard of her Hidden Hills home.

A source told People this week that the theme was "pajama party" and that Kylie barred all attendees from posting any photos from it online, unlike Kim's shower which was heavily documented.

A second source also confirmed to People that Kylie had been planning her event for a while, while Kim's shower was more of a spur of the moment thing.

“It was a last-minute baby shower,” they said of Kim's. “Guests received an invitation earlier this week. It was a low-key celebration with family and close friends.”

But compared to Kylie's it didn't look "low-key." If anything looked low-key is was Kylie's budget-ass shower in her backyard that looks like the Sandy Decks party my mom threw me for my 7th birthday.

Kylie also teased a photo of a suspicious ring on her Snapstory yesterday.

An engagement ring, perhaps?

See more photos of the alleged back yard baby shower here.


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