Some dude made an entire app to ‘expose’ what women look like without makeup


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Some dude made an entire app to ‘expose’ what women look like without makeup

The jig is up, he finally knows I don’t have naturlly glittery eyelids

MakeApp, an app designed to apply or remove makeup to the person (woman) who uses it, reveals way more about the man who designed it than it does about the women who use it.

It's almost not worth getting mad about, but it's so profoundly dumb that I'm angry anyway! In essence, Russian developer and apparent weirdo Ashot Gabrelyanov created MakeApp, which lets you take a picture of yourself or use a photo saved to your camera roll and then apply or remove makeup at will.

But the thing is, the app doesn't only remove your makeup. It also adds flaws that your bare face doesn't even possess under the presumption that underneath our makeup, women are all similarly patchy and exhausted. Behold:

Katie, wearing brow gel and mascara

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This app is fucking rude!

I don't wear a ton of makeup to work, mostly because I stay in bed for as long as possible before I have to drag my ass to the office to grind out this #content. But if I looked like the image on the right when I rolled out of bed every morning, I'd definitely up my routine. Where the fuck are my eyelashes?!

I literally spent the night in the emergency room last Thursday and my skin looked better than that when I got discharged in the morning.

Caroline, bare-faced

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Unkind and inappropriate.

Caroline didn't wear makeup to work today because she's really chill and low-maintenance, and MakeApp clearly couldn't resist taking a shot at her brimming confidence. Again, most women don't take off all of their eyelashes when they take their makeup off or lose color contrast between their lips and the rest of their face.

Also, the app made her eyes less blue for some reason, which is definitely not something that a cosmetic product can alter. I'm pretty sure MakeApp is just trying to neg us.

Ariana Grande, who appears to be done the fuck up

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Still seems wrong…

In the picture on the left, I'd guess that Ariana Grande is wearing at least seven different products on her face, lips, eyes and brows, which is totally fine. What's not fine is the strange, sallow rendering on the right that manages to desaturate Ariana without even removing all of her makeup — if you look closely, you can see the traces of her liquid liner.

Some people online are attempting to "expose" celebrities by removing their makeup with MakeApp and I cannot imagine anything more boring. Not only is this app inaccurate, not only is it really easy to find paparazzi shots of Angelina Jolie grocery shopping barefaced, but the whole thing perpetuates an idea that women are applying makeup to hide some giant secret.

But there is no secret. Makeup changes what you look like. Duh. But just because you wear makeup doesn't mean you're unhappy with what you look like without it.

The fact that MakeApp seems to purposefully accentuate or create problems with your unmade face is incredibly lame, and the fact that it assumes it knows more about my unmade my face than I do is straight up dumb as hell.

If you must download the app, you can take 5 selfies with filters before you have to pay 99 cents to get access to them. But you could also just look in the mirror for free, so I'd strongly recommend you save yourself the dollar and the pang of injured self-esteem.


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