A third woman has accused Ed Westwick of sexual assault


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A third woman has accused Ed Westwick of sexual assault

‘When I didn’t bring a friend, he turned on me’

A third woman has come forward accusing Ed Westwick of sexual assault. The first two were rape accusations.

Rachel Eck, a 23-year-old executive assistant, told BuzzFeed that the Gossip Girl actor assaulted her in 2014 after they were introduced by her ex-boyfriend and Australian film producer, Kaine Harling.

In her statement, Eck says she met Westwick and Harline at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood at 2:30 am on March 1, 2014.

She says Westwick asked her to bring a friend along but when she didn’t, he decided to go for her instead. “He turned his sights on me,” she tells BuzzFeed.

Eck says every time her boyfriend left the room and she was alone with Westwick, he would “try to kiss me or kind of push me up against a wall.”

She says Westwick knew she was dating Harline, but “it got worse and more hands-y.” When Eck told her boyfriend, she says he brushed it off.

“Ed then pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me,” she said, referring to her breasts. “I shoved him off as quickly as I could and left.”

This incident happened in the same year as the two rape claims made by actresses Aurélie Wynn and Kristina Cohen.

Cohen was the first woman to accuse Westwick. She says three years ago, she was woken up by Ed on top of her, “his fingers entering my body. He held me down and raped me.”

Wynn was the second woman to accuse Westwick, saying “he pushed me face down and I was powerless under his weight.” Wynn says her boyfriend blamed her for it and subsequently dumped her.

Westwick has denied the first two claims on Twitter, calling them “unverified and provably untrue” accounts. He has yet to release a statement about these latest allegations.

Westwick’s claim to fame is his portrayal of Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass, a 20-something billionaire who had a rape storyline on the show.

The LAPD is currently investigating rape allegations against him.


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