Just a list of guys sexier than ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Blake Shelton


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Just a list of guys sexier than ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Blake Shelton

It’s a long, long list

The fact that Blake Shelton was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine is honestly insulting. I see sexier men every day of my life, and not just because I have a calendar with shirtless firefighters on it.

I am sick and tired of the mainstream media trying to shove men with multiple barbed wire tattoos down our throats, and I'm definitely not the only person who feels this way. babe's entire staff is seething, and so is the internet.

The list of men in the entertainment industry more deserving of the "Sexiest Man Alive" title is long. The list of men in general is only as limited as your imagination. Here's a sampling of the men that we firmly believe have more sex appeal than sentient Confederate flag belt buckle Blake Shelton:

1. George Clooney

2. Donald Glover

3. Steven Yeun

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4. Michael Fassbender

5. Drake

6. The counter guy at the deli where we always get lunch

7. Andrew Garfield

8. Bernie Sanders

9. Eric André

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10. Adam Driver

11. Idris Elba

12. Christophe Waltz

13. My high school calc teacher

14. Jeff Goldblum

15. Young Steve Buscemi

16. Ryan Gosling

17. Channing Tatum

18. Daddy Yankee

19. Justin Bieber

20. The bodyguard who let Rihanna roll a blunt on his head

21. Nathan Fielder

22. Lee Byung-hun

23. Chance the Rapper

24. Jake Gyllenhaal

25. Stephen Colbert

26. Robin Hood (the fox version)

27. Ben Schwartz

28. Chiwetel Ejiofor

29. Any dentist who's higher than a 6/10

30. Dev Patel

31. Both Francos, but only at the same time

32. Javier Bardem

33. Lil Peep

34. This guy I follow on Instagram who works with exotic pets (??)

35. Tom Hanks

36. Eminem

37. Cole Sprouse

38. Ed Sheeran (he has an amazing personality!)

39. Barack Obama

40. Elon Musk

Sunset on the roof of the Gigafactory

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41. 21 Savage

42. Bruce Springsteen

43. The architect I made out with on New Year's Eve last year

44. Elijah Wood

45. Dan Bilzerian

46. Hannibal Buress

47. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I like the autumn.

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48. Danny Trejo

49. Christian Bale

50. Leonardo DiCaprio vaping and listening to MGMT during sex

51. Ezra Miller

52. Jackie Chan

53. Evan Peters

54. Everyone in the video for Boys by Charli XCX, but especially Riz Ahmed

55. Chance the Rapper

56. Ryan from The Office. Not B.J. Novak. Ryan from The Office.

57. Scott Disick (sorry!)

58. Salt Bae

59. Chris Pratt

60. Bradley Cooper

61. Nas

The legend himself… #EscobarSeason

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62. Macklemore

63. The Blink-182 guy who's obsessed with aliens now

64. Harrison Ford in both 1977 and 2017

65. Father John Misty

66. Gucci Mane pre-sobriety

67. Colin Kaepernick

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68. Ed Norton

69. Heath Ledger's ghost

70. Brad Pitt


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