If you’re not celebrating your ‘fuckiversary’, you might as well break up now


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If you’re not celebrating your ‘fuckiversary’, you might as well break up now

You know you remember the details

Relationships can be confusing as fuck, especially if you're the non-committal type. One day you're debating how much time to wait to text him back based on how long he waited to respond to you and then before you know it you're sharing a toothbrush and making plans to meet each others' grandparents.

In fact, it all might happen so gradually that there's no real way to tell when exactly you guys actually started Dating, which can make pinpointing an anniversary super difficult. That's why what you should actually be celebrating, or at least tossing onto the calendar, is your fuckiversary: the first time you and your partner had sex.

I know it sounds trashy, but hear me out — sex obviously isn't always a magical, emotionally intimate experience. Duh. I went to college. But odds are if you actually end up dating with someone, the first time you guys slept together was pretty significant.

Your fuckiversary is also way easier to locate on a calendar, because odds are decent that there are actual receipts. Whether it's a juicy text to the group chat, an awkward post-coital phone number exchange or even a Finsta post (if you're a sharer like that), it'll be way easier to locate exact information on when you and your partner first banged than it would be to find the exact moment you two decided you wanted to be exclusive.

Plus, I don't know about you guys, but I'll honestly take any excuse to dig my hooks further into my partner. Once I actually decide to commit, everything's a damn holiday. So if you wanna further trap your man — I mean, celebrate the loving partnership you've built together, celebrate your fuckiversary. Any excuse for a fancy dinner, am I right?


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