Looks like Katy Perry and The Weeknd are dating


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Looks like Katy Perry and The Weeknd are dating

Bella was gone for ONE week

A few weeks after splitting, despite being "cool" with it, The Weeknd unfollowed a ton of Selena Gomez's friends and family on Instagram right before they both unfollowed each other.

With Gomez back together with ex Justin Bieber, The Weeknd was seen getting very close at a club with another woman, just a week before declaring his undying 'love' for ex Bella Hadid, who he literally dated over a year ago and doesn't even know anymore.

But last night, while Hadid was in Shanghai walking the VS Fashion Show, The Weeknd enjoyed a romantic one-on-one dinner with another pop-star and I just can't keep up anymore.

The singer was spotted at Madeo Restaurant in West Hollywood with Katy Perry of all people.

It's kind of like he knows he wants to date someone famous and beautiful, but he can't seem to pick. Although we all know it's not even a choice, because did you see Hadid on the runway? I just wish she had the sense to tell him to fuck off, because then maybe I'd have the courage to do the same with all of my exes.

However, maybe she has, and maybe that's why he's turned to the "California Gurls" singer instead. Either way, I thought Bieber was a downgrade, but I guess he just felt the need to one-up Gomez.

He's got a bad case of Drake syndrome.


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