How long should you wait to text him back without looking lazy or like a creep?


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How long should you wait to text him back without looking lazy or like a creep?

It’s a subtle balance

You're "talking" to this guy. He's started up another round of conversation via text and obviously you don't want to seem too eager. You're trying to wait out your response the appropriate amount of time. It's so dumb, but everyone does it. How do you calculate this nonsense? Here's some tips when you're like, "how long should I wait to text him back?."

How long has it been since your last chat?

Your boy gets points for checking in. If he's the consistent type that you were talking to within the last two to three days, then throw him a bone. Shoot him a reply within the hour.

Now if you've got one of those random texters. You haven't heard from this kid in weeks or months, then make him sweat it out a little. We'd hold out for a few hours and send a fairly blasé response back him. You don't have time for fuckboys of any variety.

How's his response time?

Does he reply to you in a timely manner? You've got to account for the fact he could be working or in class. Don't get too pissy if he doesn't answer right away if you've got an idea what he's up to. You should be basically matching his response time give or take five minutes. If you're trying to breathe some life back into a dying convo, then respond slightly under his response time.

How into him are you?

More than any "rules" this is what matters the most. You're really digging this guy and want things to get moving. Playing text games is going to slow things down. We wouldn't text back immediately after receiving his text, but respond semi-quickly. It shows him you're interested. If he likes you too, then he'll make things happen.

The guy who doesn't answer back for ages could mean he's-just-not-that-into-you. He's never worth your time.

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