How to make a guy jealous: The tips and tricks that will drive him wild


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How to make a guy jealous: The tips and tricks that will drive him wild

Unleash your Khaleesi

Making a guy green with envy when he's not with you is an evolving and delicate art form. Underplay it and he won't even notice, but go too big and he'll figure out what you're up to. You've got to use everything in your arsenal to show him what he's missing out on. Here's how to make a guy jealous that you're trying to get with.

Glow up

Do whatever you have to do to feel flawless. Get a haircut, buy a new dress, or drop a small fortune at Sephora. Don't go out of control because you still want to look like you. If you love the way you look, then it will show and if that's not enough for him, then fuck that loser.

Social media is everything

You can drive a guy nuts without even being anywhere near him just by posting pics. Don't post more than you normally would or it might seem suspicious. Go for quality over quantity. Snapchat stories are great for showing off how much fun your weekend. Instagram should be more for flaunting your incredible outfit, makeup, and hair.

You gotta be vague

Whether you're texting or he's chatting you up at the bar, don't give too much away. "Yeah, I've been super busy and having so much fun," you say nonchalantly. Throw a few guys' name out there real casual like, "I went home and hung out with some people from high school. My one friend Rob did the funniest thing…" Don't bring them up a lot. Just float it out there that you've got some other guys in your life.

Have fun constantly (or at least look like it)

Keep yourself occupied. If he's out with you, then dance with your friends and talk to loads of people. Don't flat out ignore him because he'll realize what's happening, get pissed, or both. Talk to him a little and have a good time, but keep it moving. A little flirt/chat with another guy could go a long way too.

Girls' night out

If he asks you to hangout, maybe turn it down in favor of a girls' night. It'll bum him out you're not seeing him plus he'll have to wonder about what you're doing on your wild ladies-only adventure.

Give yourself a deadline

Don't string him along forever. If he really likes you, he'll make a move. You shouldn't toy with him for too long because that gets mean and he'll likely give up. You're trying to make him jealous and mess with him, but at the end of the day you still like this guy so there's has to be a ray of hope for the kid. After torturing the ever-living-shit out of him for a week or two, throw him a bone and see if things improve.

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