Hybristophiles are attracted to serial killers. Here’s why.


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Hybristophiles are attracted to serial killers. Here’s why.


After watching Fifty Shades of Gray and some HBO special my male roommate left on our DVR, I thought I had seen all of the weird sex stuff there was to see. Then, I found out some women get turned on by mass murderers. Like, exclusively.

Hybristophilia is a paraphilia for those who have committed atrocities – such as serial killers, shooters, or otherwise gruesome criminals. Basically, being Hybristophilic means you can only get off if you are with someone who has committed an atrocity – or at least fantasize that they have. It has been referred to as "Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome," and is thought to describe how some women get turned on by famous killers and write them explicit fan letters.

If you think about it, we hear stories of Hybristophilia pretty often. The romanticization of Charles Manson and his pen-pal. The teenage girls on Twitter who go on and on about sexy killers. Kids who commit crimes together in the name of love. America has an obsession with crime and it makes sense sex ties into it.

There are many supposed explanations for this paraphilia. Psychologist Katherine Ramsland says some women think they can "change" the criminal and get off on the idea of saving him. She says other women see the "child" inside him and want to nurture that lost soul. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Another common explanation given by women with Hybristophilia is their belief a serial killer would be "the perfect boyfriend" because he's behind bars. You won't have to deal with the daily shit of being in a relationship and he would also think about you 24/7 since he's a sicko with no other source of pleasure. This belief has led some psychologists to believe most with Hybristophilia are "love-avoidant" and seek out relationships that can never truly be carried out. You know, like your obsession with Harry Styles but a million times more disturbing.

But maybe the most convincing arguments for why women get with serial killers IRL is their desire to get with a "celebrity" of sorts and share in the killer's spotlight. I guess in the U.S., one of the few things we obsess over more than crime is the celebrity. And if you can't be a Kardashian, maybe you can be a killer's wife.

After this revelation, I'm just waiting for a Fifty Shades of Gray-meets-Gone Girl-meets-Zodiac Killer thriller of the century. Drew Barrymore, I'll be waiting.

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