This Lena Dunham apology generator makes her existence a little bit better


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This Lena Dunham apology generator makes her existence a little bit better

‘Lena Dunham apologizes for thinking the Spanish Inquisition was a Tapas bar’

Lena Dunham has been certifiable trash for years. And her laundry list of scandals has produced hundreds of apologies over the course of her career. But her recent apology for writing off the alleged assault perpetrated by Girls' writer Murray Miller was widely scrutinized. So widely scrutinized, in fact, 2017 has answered in the only way it knows how: with a Twitter bot.

Someone (@wheelswordsmith and @liv_croagh) made a Lena Dunham apology generator called "Lena Dunham apologizes" and it cranks out the most ridiculous apology tweets. Honestly, they're like, kinda believable given the year we've had.

The bot makes Lena apologize for all kinds of believable things, like making an appropriative FroYo spot

or rapping with Iggy Azalea

Let's be honest, Lena Dunham mis-mis-mis appropriating the Geisha is totally believable

Lena Dunham wearing cornrows to a white-washed diversity panel is also totally believable

Lena Dunham is such trash I could see her saying 'sup biiish' to our most educated First Lady

Or making an 'educated' comment on Butter Chicken

I'm ready for Lena Dunham to be out of the limelight, but this Twitter account can exist in fame forever. It almost justifies her stardom. But don't worry, I still hate everyone who supported Girls for this long.

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