Who is William ‘Mack’ Knight? Everything to know about Emma Watson’s now ex-boyfriend


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Who is William ‘Mack’ Knight? Everything to know about Emma Watson’s now ex-boyfriend

They reportedly split early this year

Did you even know Emma Watson was dating someone because we sure didn't. It turns out the 27 year old had been quietly dating William Knight for two years. They reportedly ended things "amicably" "in early 2017," according to Page Six. What? How? Who was this William 'Mack' Knight? Here's the little we've managed to find out about the super private former couple.

Mack is a nickname

So his real name is William Knight. He goes by "Mack" and is 10 years Emma's senior. We're not entirely sure how to feel about this choice of nickname, but we'll go with it.

So how did they meet?

Emma has remained consistently mum about her relationship status. The first time she was seen out with William was back in 2015. The pair were spotted leaving Hamilton together in New York City.

He's ridiculously smart

It made sense that Brown Graduate Emma would find love with a Princeton grad. Ah, Ivy League romance. William graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. High school biology barely made sense to me so congrats to him. William still wasn't done being all academic because he went to Columbia Business School to get his MBA in 2011.

He's been working at Medallia Professional Services for several years, according to People. He's a senior manager at the California-based tech company.

William is nature nut

Emma has been pretty vocal about her mission to use organic beauty products and sustainable clothes whenever possible. No surprise that Mack shared her passion for nature. The guy apparently posted a ton of gorgeous landscape pics on his social media accounts, according to The Sun.

If that wasn't enough, William loves a good hike and will even "take part in military-style Tough Mudder endurance events." Emma reportedly got into the outdoorsy fun when they went on vacation together in Big Sur, California.

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