Here’s a list of easy ways you can scam money out of idiot men online


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Here’s a list of easy ways you can scam money out of idiot men online


I'd never call all men idiots because that would be ~misandrist~ and also because I'm not trying to get doxxed by 4Chan. But what I will say is when it comes to women they wish they could fuck, most men become kind of total idiots.

We as women have to put up with a lot from them. Wage gaps, sexual violence, workplace harassment, fuckboys (less bad, but still!) etc. And if we have to deal with all that garbage from a population of shitbag dudes, the least we could do is try to scam a lil something out of the situation, you know?

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I've asked IRL/online friends and coworkers to tell me their money-making tricks and there are (unsurprisingly) a ton. Kind of amazing what dudes will do for a snowball's chance in hell at touching boobs.

Here are the best ones:

Just ask for it on Twitter

There are some guys whose entire fetish is giving you money — I'm not kidding, they love to be financially dominated. Both my coworker and I have just tweeted into the Twittersphere that we wanted money, and our DMs were filled with dudes begging to send us Amazon giftcards and Venmo cash in exchange for us being bitches to them.

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If any Pay Pigs wanna pay me, HMU on Venmo

You can either tweet out into the void or search hashtags like Findom, Pay Pig. It works on Tumblr, too. And the best part is you don't ever have to meet these people, exchange info beyond Venmo, or anything.

Take some weirdo's chastity key

One day, I got a random DM from a guy begging me to take the key to his chastity belt. I guess it's like some form of cucking or whatever??? I don't know the sexual specifics, but basically he got off on not having the key to unlock this ungodly cage around his balls and I was all too happy to oblige.

I told him to send the key to some random P.O. box address and Venmo me and he did! Then I tweeted about it (because looool) and a bunch more guys jumped into my DMs and asked for the same thing:

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Made like $100, hell yeah

He was sexually satisfied or whatever, I didn't have to look at anyone's dick, and I was $100 richer. Iconic.

Allude to some false promises on dating apps

Earlier this year, a girl went viral for putting "Send me $5 and see what happens" in her Tinder bio. I don't know what the guys thought they were getting for $5, but to them it was obviously worth it because the money came pouring in. Babe writer Caroline Phinney tried it out herself and made $55 right away:

She wrote about it for us, and it was such a hit that to this day guys hit her up to send her money for it:

Calling men idiots for money is the real American Dream. The Statue of Liberty could never, tbh!

Get paid in cash to go on dates

There's this website called What's Your Price? and it's like an auction for your time. Upload a profile and name your price for a date (around $150 is a recommended amount) and guys pay it.

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The guys definitely won't look like this, sorry

You get the stuff on the date paid for too, so you walk away a little tipsy with a full belly and money in your account. This girl in New York makes $15,000 extra bucks via the site, with some guys paying more than $300 just to hang for a few hours.

Be a 'virtual' sugar baby

They're few and far between, but there are actually sugar daddies who don't even necessarily need to meet you. On Seeking Arrangements, there are well-off guys who are content to send you a monthly stipend in exchange for chill email correspondence (nothing sexual) and regular selfies you would have posted on Instagram anyway. People are lonely, and we are aaaaall too happy to email some rich, dumb baby boomer for that sweet, sweet skrilla. I'm so sorry I said skrilla, I just wanted an alliteration here.

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