Sorry, liking dogs, pizza and travel isn’t the same as having an actual personality


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Sorry, liking dogs, pizza and travel isn’t the same as having an actual personality


I'm starting the movement now: in 2018, we've gotta stop trying to make our interests into adjectives.

It's not bad to like stuff, and it's not bad to post about liking stuff, but you've gotta admit that it's kind of annoying when someone builds an entire persona around something generic and tries to claim it as their "thing."

Being nice, funny, thoughtful, creative — those are actual qualities. Your interests definitely say something about who you are, but I think it's high time we stop coasting on our love of…


If I hear someone say the word "doggos" unironically in 2018 I am walking out on the spot. Of course you like dogs, they're amazing and they're everywhere. Save it for Facebook groups or the strangers you harass on the street while they're trying to get their labradoodle to take a shit.


It's a universally beloved food. A sleepover staple. A classic incentive to attend a meeting for the club you only joined so you could put it on your resumé. We don't need to talk about it.

Eating in general

Being sentient and dependent on your body isn't a unique quirk because it's literally a universal human experience. You need to eat food to not die. Plus, acting special because you love food can actually make people who struggle with eating disorders feel like shit. Doesn't mean you can't 'gram your boozy brunch, just some food… for thought.

Smoking weed

Smoking weed doesn't make you an interesting person, it just means you have a disposable income and a job that doesn't piss test. I'm all for being regaled with stories about the time you and your friends ate an edible and then called 911 because you thought you were going to die, but if you don't have anything else going on then maybe you should smoke less.


It's actually way more interesting not to like music than it is to be into it at this point, and that's a hill I'm willing to die on.


Oh, you like going to a new place, eating delicious food and relaxing? That's so cool! I've never met anybody else who enjoys learning about new cultures and having experiences. Please, tell me more about your train ride from Berlin to Amsterdam. Saying that "everybody NEEDS to backpack through Europe in their early 20s" doesn't make you sound unaware of most people's financial reality at all!


I get it! It's really fun, good exercise, and great for improving flexibility, but that doesn't mean you need to corner me at this party and talk to me about your "practice." Save it for the #namaste hashtag.

The pop culture of previous decades

Congratulations, you have a Alanis Morissette playlist on Spotify. Only a true 90s kid will remember why I blocked the phrase "only a true 90s kid will remember" from my Twitter feed.


This one hits me where it hurts, but unfortunately liking memes is mainstream now. Memes are a pillar of millennial humor, and 13-year-olds on Instagram are already better at them than most of us will ever be. As soon as that shit hit Facebook, it was over.

Going out

Partying is tight, but talking about partying is dramatically less so. Whether you're bragging out getting into an exclusive club or recounting how absolutely plastered you were at formal 2 years ago, if I wasn't there and you didn't meet a celebrity, I don't give a fuck. It's like telling someone else about the dream you had last night, but with an even more incoherent narrative.

Staying in

The only thing worse than someone who's obsessed with going out is someone who's obsessed with the fact that they don't like going out. We get it, you've read a book and get anxious in overwhelming situations. Maybe use some of the time you spend in the prison of sobriety to generate a few original opinions? Just a thought!


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