You can now get your vagina juice made into a perfume to attract men if that’s something you want, I guess….


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You can now get your vagina juice made into a perfume to attract men if that’s something you want, I guess….

Why spray your vag with perfume when your vag IS the perfume?

In all that is love and attraction, pheromones play a huge part. Your natural scent can and will draw in the opposite sex even without squirting those few pumps of Chanel No. 5. This woman, however, took this piece of knowledge to the extreme. With just a dash of essential oils and (her own) vaginal secretions, Cosmopolitan writer Allison Ramirez created a custom perfume to lure in men.

How she gathered her main ingredient? She admits to The Daily Mail that "you basically just have to stick a finger down there and then use said finger to dab your 'natural perfume' on your pulse points."

And while you're reading this thinking "that's some whypipo shit", it's actually a centuries-old method of seduction that courtesans of mediaeval Europe used to do. According to the The Daily Mail, they'd apply it behind their ears and on their necks and chests.

Despite what ya'll may think, for Ramirez, the pussy perfume performed well in her favor on her dates she'd lined up to test her theory on pheromones. The result? She caught herself in a toothy make-out session in a photo booth and was hit with a 'I can't help it. It's that scent you have.' In addition, Ramirez also received a second date text from a different gentleman caller.

Before testing her theory, she met with Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder and director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, who operates perfume-making workshops. Wilson-Brown suggested the use of rose, cinnamon, aniseed, and benzoin essential oils would be the key supplements to Ramirez's juices to maintain the aphrodisiac feature in the perfume.

The only thing the perfume expert warns is that "body fluids and sweat are not stable, and probably wouldn’t do well in a formula." So, your best bet is to dispense your cooch juice right when you hop out the shower prepping for date night.


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