Kim Kardashian’s Instagram is getting flooded with rats after posting a picture of Taylor Swift’s naked body


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Kim Kardashian’s Instagram is getting flooded with rats after posting a picture of Taylor Swift’s naked body

Even Taylor would never

Last year, Taylor Swift's Instagram was flooded with snake emojis after she was outed for "approving" of Kanye's lyrics about her in his song "Famous." But this week, Kim Kardashian's Instagram takes the cake for snaky — or should we say rat-like? — behavior.

After Swift went in on Kanye for the lyrics in 2016, Kim released a number of Snapchat videos allegedly showing the "LWYMMD" singer approving of parts of the song, and people felt betrayed by Swift.

There's no real argument surrounding the fact Taylor Swift is a snake. And while it did appear as if she'd approved of at least a portion of Kanye's lyrics, she definitely didn't approve of a naked replica of herself in his music video?! Because that's not violating or horrible at all, right?

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Now, because in one of Taylor's own music videos "Ready For It" she used a naked wax replica of herself to animate certain portions, people are calling her out for ever being mad about Kanye's video in the first place.

But there's a huge difference between using your own body for art — which Taylor has always been nervous of and conscious about — and using somebody else's body without their permission.

So last night, when Kim posted a photo of herself, photographing the naked Taylor clone in bed with the caption "Famous," fans turned on her instead.


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Swift Stans, on the right side of history for once, filled the influencer and businesswoman's feed with thousands of rat emojis.

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Because of one of Instagram's newest features which allows a user to dictate which emojis are commented on their feed, it's only a matter of time before she blocks the rat from her page entirely. But there are plenty emojis where that one came from.

And with Swift currently reclaiming the snake in videos like "LWYMMD" and in her appearance on SNL, it'll take the Kardashians more than an Instagram to reclaim her rat.


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