Singer Melanie Martinez has been accused of rape by her ex best friend


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Singer Melanie Martinez has been accused of rape by her ex best friend

‘It’s hard to say someone you loved raped you’

Melanie Martinez, best known for her time on The Voice and her "pale grunge Tumblr" aesthetic, has been accused of rape by her former best friend in an emotional Twitter post.

Martinez's friend, Timothy Heller, said she and the pop star had a codependent, abusive friendship and that Martinez performed oral sex on her and penetrated her with a sex toy while she repeatedly said "no." You can read the full account in Heller's tweet below.

Most of Martinez's fans were quick to reject her, especially given the mountain of digital evidence that shows that Martinez and Heller were close as the former was rising to prominence and the level of detail in Heller's account.

Martinez's most popular songs, from her 2015 album Crybaby, deal with body image issues, depression, and heartbreak using sugary pop instrumentals, dreamy vocals and child-like imagery on songs like Mrs. Potato Head, Play Date and Milk and Cookies.

It seems that while she spent her entire career looking like a soft grunge blog threw up on her, trying to make herself more innocent and evoke Lolita-lite vibes, she was actually a Humbert Humbert: all too aware of the power she exercised over her former friend.

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Martinez quickly issued a response to Heller's accusations in which she said Heller "never said no to anything we did together." It remains to be seen if Atlantic Records, the label that Martinez is currently signed to, will take any action against her.

The allegations against Martinez are an excellent reminder that not all sexual abusers fit a single set of descriptors, and the way that an artist tries to present themselves does not absolve them of blame for sexual assault.


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