These Trump supporters screamed at my 5-year-old cousin and called her a terrorist


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These Trump supporters screamed at my 5-year-old cousin and called her a terrorist

‘You can suck my dick with your hijab on’

Trump fans accosted a 5-year-old girl this weekend, calling her a terrorist and as one of them shouted at her family to "suck his dick."

Rawan Yasin, a 23-year-old student in Los Angeles, had just attended a rally against Donald Trump with her young cousin and mom. Upon leaving, she noticed a small pro-Trump group packing up their signs into a car -– and that's when they started calling her a "little terrorist."

Rawan told babe she captured some of the incident on camera – you can see a man later identified as John Turano. He's a 50-year-old alt-right tool who calls himself "Based Spartan" after he was spotted fighting bare-chested at a rally earlier this year wearing a Trojan helmet.

One of his group uploaded footage of the event, in which Turano can be heard shouting at the child:

"Fuck you and your people. Go hang yourself, fucking Palestinian whore. You think I give a fuck? This is America. Suck my dick. I'll give you $20, whore. This is America, if you don't like it you can fucking leave it. You can suck my dick with your hijab on, that shit's sexy. Trump baby. Representing over here, Trump style!"

Speaking to babe, Rawan said she decided to intervene after her cousin became upset by Turano and his group.

"It pissed me off so much, she’s only five," she said. "It turned into an argument and I was trying to stand up for my little cousin. I wanted everyone to see who they were, grown people saying these things to a 5-year-old. It’s clearly because we’re Palestinian."

"Why is this grown man yelling at a 5-year-old?," she continued. "I usually ignore this kind of stuff. Until you say something about my family. That's when I get mad. That's what ticked me off. If my cousin wasn't there, I wouldn't have responded."

We have contacted Turano for comment.