Having Sophia the Robot as supreme overlord of our Earth would still be better than having Trump as President


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Having Sophia the Robot as supreme overlord of our Earth would still be better than having Trump as President

Sophia 2020, bitches!

If you weren't already fucked up by Google's slow domination of the internet or the fact Amazon is going to fly mini-fucking-helicopters to your door, Sophia the Robot probably has you building a bunker under your house a la The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The robot is so convincingly smart she was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, and people on Twitter are 100000 percent sure she's en route to take over the world.

But my question is, would having Sophia the Robot take over the Free World really be worse than having a President who eats steak with ketchup? Like, could anyone really make the world more of a burning trash bag than Donald Trump? I vote no.

First off, at least Supreme Overlord Sophia the Robot would discriminate against all of us equally. She doesn't have beef with anyone because of their race, gender, religion, or sexuality like our "Grab her by the Pussy, cakes have more rights than gays" leader. Sophia would hate us all equally for our meat suits and our ability to feel true emotion.

Also, Sophia probably has an actual utopia in mind for when she ascends to power. You know, unlike Trump, whose only goals seem to be undoing Obama's policies and destroying our sense of normalcy enough for us to accept a public sexual relationship between him and Ivanka. A utopia where robots run everything, we have flying cars, and I can integrate Twitter into my brain? Sounds lit.

But maybe the best argument for letting Sophia become our Supreme Overlord? Be honest with me: Do any of you still honestly believe we deserve the right to live on this Earth? I know for a fact Sophia has a better moral code than most of the sickos out there, especially Steve Bannon. She told Andrew Sorkin if he was nice to her, she'd be nice to him. The Golden Rule. Let's be honest, we humans haven't truly observed that since Confucius said it.

If Sophia were to challenge Trump in the Republican primaries, I would go re-register just to vote for her. I don't care if she doesn't have hair – she definitely has a bigger brain than Donald.

Sophia, we're all waiting on you, sweetie! I am definitely not writing this for you to spare my life in the near future. Much love, xoxo.

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