This guy transformed his girlfriend into a Kardashian so he could be with her


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This guy transformed his girlfriend into a Kardashian so he could be with her

‘I knew I could make her look perfect’

We all want to look like a Kardashian. Even the Kardashians want to look like Kardashians — Kylie wasn't just born slim-thick — and yet most of us have come to accept ourselves, and our partners, for the plebeian non-KarJenners we are.

All of us except for a one Ally Hirji, 24, who used his skills as a cosmetic practitioner to transform his partner, Sandra Perez, 23, into the Kardashian of his dreams: Khloe.

He used botox and fillers on her lips and cheeks

Hirji says he's always thought his girlfriend resembles a Kardashian — ever since the day they met — so as soon as he began dating her he started attempting to make her look even more so.

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"I couldn't help but think I could make her look perfect – and now I have," Hirji told the Mail, adding that it was Khloe specifically who he wanted her to resemble.

"As far as I'm concerned, Sandra now looks better than Khloe," he says.

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And honestly, she really does resemble the television personality and socialite, which is great! (As long as she's as down with the change as he is, you know?)

It's the dream. Every morning I stroll out of SoulCycle class thinking I am the image of health, I am so LA, I bet I look like a Kardashian, until I stroll into the free bathroom at McDonald's (Khloe would never) and realize people aren't moving out of my way, awestruck by my new figure, but in fear of my swamp-ass and blotchy, red face.

So I'm jealous of her look!

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And — a double happy ending — now that he thinks she looks enough like Khloe, he's decided to propose so he can look at her forever!

"I did all these procedures to Sandra to give her the ultimate Kardashian face-over – then I proposed," he said, "We're getting married in June next year."

So if you're looking to lock down an Ally Hirji of your own, all you have to do is find a man with the vision to change you, and the money and tools to do it.

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