This Instagram account is dedicated to the ugly era of super-skinny eyebrows


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This Instagram account is dedicated to the ugly era of super-skinny eyebrows

It’s… humbling

Remember when it was fashionable to pluck the ever-loving shit out of your eyebrows until they were practically nonexistent?

I sure wish I could forget that bygone era, but no matter how much I binge-drink I cannot. And apparently nobody else can either, because now there's an entire Instagram account dedicated to tiny-ass brows.

A post shared by @historyofoverplucking on Dec 14, 2017 at 6:23am PST

It is, in turns, a delight and a horror. But either way, I'd say it's worth a follow. It's called @historyofoverplucking, and it features dated photos of small 'brow luminaries like Gwyneth Paltrow and the Olsen twins, as well as TV and movie characters like Helena Bonham-Carter's Queen of Hearts and Tiffany, the Bride of Chucky.


A post shared by @historyofoverplucking on Oct 4, 2017 at 2:38pm PDT

I am personally no stranger to seriously overdoing it with the tweezers, so this account was a fun little reminder for me not to forget where I came from, which is here, on the left:

Why the FUCK did nobody SAY ANYTHING?

And I'm not the only babe staffer who made some eyebrow mistakes…

Staff writer Caroline (right) is browless and peerless.

Facebook maven Allie (left) made… mistakes

Social media star Peyton with the slim-thick brow scenario

Editor Amanda pops the srat squat while partaking in some whiskey business…

Video queen Emily rocks the tongue and the skinny 'brow in this blast from the past

Staff writer Ari really thought she did something with these eyebrows AND this filter!


@historyofoverplucking is great for anyone who wants to take a trip down memory lane and remember that Ashlee Simpson exists, but honestly, fashion is a cyclical thing!

Maybe in a few years we'll all be looking back at our eyebrows in their current state and wonder why the fuck they were so big.