Jesus was an Aries, and I have proof


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Jesus was an Aries, and I have proof

Just don’t tell your fucking insufferable Aries friends

Ok, so I know a lot of us have a misconception that Jesus was a Capricorn. You know, because Christmas is in December and no matter how secular you are, it's shoved down your throat that Christmas is all about Baby Jesus' birth.

But apparently, we're all wrong. What they've been telling you for years is a LIE. Josh Peck, the God of the glow-up, tweeted a few days ago about how GOD himself was a Capricorn:

And Twitter users jumped on his fucking back because apparently, Jesus was actually born in April.

The Church of the Latter Day Saint's (AKA the Mormon Church) has a doctrine that says Jesus was born on April 6th:

But even not-Mormons think Jesus was probably born in April. There's two verses historians often cite to prove Jesus wasn't born in December.

First, Luke 2:7-8 says "We know that shepherds were in the fields watching their flocks at the time of Jesus' birth." As everyone who lives north of the Florida knows, it's way too fucking cold in December to have any living creature out there. This suggests Jesus was born in a more temperate month. Another verse, Luke 2:1-4, says "Jesus' parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census." Apparently, the census was historically taken in the Spring.

While we can't be sure he was born in April — March is also a likely possibility — it makes sooo much more sense for Jesus to be an Aries than a Pisces. Like @Livylou said, Aries is the start of the Zodiac. The beginning. The ram. Also, there's no way Jesus has the same Zodiac sign as Justin Bieber. God would not allow it (Ed: As an Aries, I can confirm that we are the most godly breed.)

I'm glad the internet has come together to decide Jesus' true Zodiac sign. Now I can read his horoscope. I'm just glad to know even the Son of God can have bad weeks where his love life falls apart and financial stability crumbles all because of the stars.

Oh and guys, while we're at it, Jesus was probably black too.

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