Is it just me or did Taylor Swift get a little…thiccer? 👀


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Is it just me or did Taylor Swift get a little…thiccer? 👀

My girl eating good

Good afternoon, thickies! It's me, Amanda, your Thicc Watch correspondent, here to bring you the latest updates on trends in celebrity thiccness.

Today, I made a startling discovering when scrolling through Tumblr. Taylor Swift, cat-lover/popstar/alleged Aryan goddess has gotten thiccish. Not like, fully thicc, but certainly thiccer than she was.

The scale is like this:

5. Skinny

4. Damn

3. 👀

2. Thicc

1. Thiqq

And right now, my girl is at full 👀 level.

Here she in the 1989 era, around 2015/2016:

First post~ ___________ 16/12/2017 #taylorswift #swiftie #swifties

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She was very, very thin. And this isn't a thin-shame thing. It's just a fact: she was extremely skinny, and that's just a descriptor the same way "her eyes are blue" or "Amanda is very, very gorgeous" is. Here's Swifty now:


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More muscle, more thicc. Taylor said in her Reputation secret sessions that she'd gained like 25 pounds and the paparazzi kept calling her pregnant.

WUTABSBDVWJFBWH #taylorswift @taylorswift

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But what pregnant lady looks like this?

💜 @taylorswift #taylorswift #taylorswiftedits

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I'll answer that for you: the only pregnant ladies who look like that are the ones with zero weight gain or symptoms and end up giving birth into a McDonald's toilet because they had no idea they were carrying a child to begin with.

What I'm trying to say is, Taylor looks really healthy with her new look. And there's probably good reason for that: when people happy and in a relationship, they tend to gain weight.

Suddenly you have someone to drink with all the time, take you out to dinner, and sex you good whether or not you feel a little bloated. So according to this information, my body looks like I should be married to like, 10 very un-picky dudes right now.


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