PSA: Channing Tatum is not hot


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PSA: Channing Tatum is not hot

Bro, what happened?

If you've been like me lately, you're mourning at the dismal conclusion that one of your favorite celeb crushes has lost his hotness card. Unfortunately, it's Channing Tatum.

Throughout the years, I've fought amongst many young women for dominance over this hot piece, the reason we grind our pillows at night post-Magic Mike midnight screening. But as I peeped his dancing skit in Pink's Beautiful Trauma video, I'm getting legitimately concerned.

We were here for it when he was Amanda Bynes' heartthrob in 'She's the Man'

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If those hip riding sweats were any low…Uuunnnngggghhh

We threw our paychecks and panties at your stripper role in Magic Mike

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I'll take all of them, please

But now, he's like…our dad

For my fellow Channing fans, I do apologize. I too, am at a loss for words as to how this babe magnet lost his magnetism.

But like what the fuck Channing (also, who names their child this)? You could've been the next George Clooney (old, but hot) or John Stamos, aka Uncle Jesse (also old, but giving you and I that wet-wet). But instead, you settled for fatherhood. I get it. The pressures of Hollywood prompted you into passing down the next round of ugly. We'll just cross our fingers and vag that Jenna's looks carried more weight than your washed out ass.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to pinpoint exaclty when the demise of Channing's hotness began, but I think it's somewhere around the 22 Jumpstreet release.

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Doesn't he look like the frat boy you thought was drunk cute?

But I'm being way too nice. If we really took a good look at the guy, you may have noticed he kind of already peaked in the early days of his modeling career.

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This was taken before Step Up, bruh.

The once chiseled jawline that we all had a full on orgasm over is now a rounder, plumper double chin. It's awkward enough to know that the subject of all your late night wet dreams is now a dad, but to see him do a complete 180, taking wardrobe advice from the neighborhood sex offender, it's hard to even remember the good 'ol days when you coerced he was your 'never gonna happen' husband. It's almost as if someone put his face in the microwave past the 1-minute mark.

With these all over the place teeth and bushy brows, he looks like a Picasso portrait, but to a young, tasteless mind, Channing could (maybe) still get it. But once a guy's been married and has a kid, it feels like riding a limp dick. It's no longer shiny and glistening, nor hard and stiff enough to your liking. In addition, the effects of settling down seem to be a bit more cumbersome on Channing than that of his wife Jenna's. Don't you agree?

Unfortunately ladies, we're going to all have to suck it up, put our big girl pants on, and admit to the cold hard truth that this former hip-hop hottie isn't droppin' it like it's hot anymore. Sorry bro, I won't be putting any dollar bills in a pair of manties til my next hoe-tation. But then again, that's what his wife Jenna is for.

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