Your weekly love horoscope is here and you’re gonna want to pay attention


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Your weekly love horoscope is here and you’re gonna want to pay attention

The glow-up begins NOW

Today is the more than half of us will "clock out" ahead of Christmas, according to experts. What that means is we can finally start focusing on important things, like our love life and how to make people jealous in the coming year.

If you really want to glow-up, you'll need to get a jump on it now. These next 10 days could make or break it for you.

Here's everything the stars have in store for you, featuring illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


Lil' ram! Unlike the others, you already have a plan for precisely how you want things to play out in the new year and, of course, you're taking action.

Stock up on face masks from Urban, treat yourself to 12 water bottles a day and chill on the holiday drinks because you don't want to slip up now.

Come January, you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, 100 percent ready to catch that one person's attention.


You've been desperate for a break lately, and you're about to get just what you need. Work has been absolutely consuming you and you haven't had a second to think about yourself.

Push through these last few days and then treat yourself to a whole lot of R and R. Try out a new skincare routine, binge on movies with major makeovers for inspiration, and finish off the year glowing.

Instead of worrying about chasing after someone, your newfound chill will bring them to you.


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You two-faced little binch!! Everyone acts like they not into you, but that's because, in reality, they can't resist you.

You can look forward to a ~steamy~ week ahead full of holiday cheer and a whole lot more holiday beer. Spend time reconnecting with old friends and flings, even if just to let them know how well you're doing without them.

Isn't that what going home for the holidays is all about?


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Smol crab! You've been in a really good place lately. (How?!)

Whether it's been because of a SO or a job, you're leaving 2017 in a great place, which means 2018 might prove to be your best year yet.

Just don't let the good things make you panic. You have a tendency of freaking out the moment things go right and assuming you must be missing something. Sometimes, the best luck comes to those who chill the fuck out.


You've been focusing on friends over everything lately which is sweet, but you need a good dick-ing just like everyone else.

The holidays are a perfect time to set yourself up for that in 2018, and this week is where your journey to good skin and sex begins. You keep using the excuse you "don't have time," but for once you do, so don't feel bad about using every last second of it.

Turn your phone off, ignore your Instagram and next week post a fire selfie with your new up-to-date glow. Your DMs will be packed.


This week is all about indulgence for you! Get that haircut you've been putting off, do a shit-ton of laundry and text whoever the hell you want to.

The holidays are an excuse to be The Most, so you won't have to feel bad about an ounce of it (until January). Buy something special for yourself and then buy a gift for that person you've been worried about buying one for, too.

Or at least snap them a nude — it's all the same.


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You have a few more things to hash out before you're as free as a bird, but it could be fun. With everyone in the holiday spirit people are a bit more open than usual, including you.

This is the perfect time to send that message you've been thinking about sending, even if that means sending it while at work. You're on their mind, too.

The holidays are only as lonely as we allow them to be.


You'll have a ton of friends and family around in the coming days, but that doesn't mean you won't be able slip away for at least a moment.

There's something in the eggnog (hint: it's rum), that'll have you buzzing, waiting on a message from that special someone. But it'll only come if you stop worrying about it so much.

You're far more intriguing when you're not thinking about them.


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You've got your head in the clouds, but you can't check out just yet!

Unlike the rest, you're still busy working, wondering where everyone else has gone. Apparently they think the holidays are an excuse for slacking, but you know better.

While everyone else is resting up, full of rum and holiday cheer, you'll be making rounds — sure to have options in the new year.


This is the perfect week for you to try out a new look!

Everyone loves a good makeover and you're about due for one anyway. You've been so busy lately, worrying about everything else, you haven't had a moment for self-care.

But if you're going to enter the new year strong, you'll want to start trying things out now. How else is everyone supposed to notice you?


Romance is in the air! Or maybe that's just mulled wine?

Who cares! The holidays are finally here and you are absolutely thriving. You love this time of year and that makes everybody love you.

You're the one everyone wants at their holiday parties, so be careful not to overbook yourself — but I guess if there's a time for showing up to work hungover, it's now.


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Time to show off!

I know the holidays are supposed to be all about giving, but you're going to be getting way more compliments than you could ever dish out.

You've been absolutely glowing lately and everyone from your family to your ex is going to be jealous. This is the one time you're allowed to indulge without feeling bad, so soak it in.

Soon everyone will be competing with you to glow-up in the new year.

Enjoy the slow, weird week and see you all next Monday!


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