I’m pretty sure Kendall Jenner is gay, and I have evidence for days


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I’m pretty sure Kendall Jenner is gay, and I have evidence for days

She keeps telling us

Kris Jenner has been working harder than the devil for years now, trying to sell the idea her daughter Kendall is throwing it back for seven men at a time, but I'm not buying it.

I'm in the business of outing people, but Kendall is totally gay — she's told us herself.

Let's begin with 'Lake': Kendall Jenner and Lauren Perez

Lake, the Kendall Jenner and Lauren Perez relationship that ended in 2016 is our most ~concrete~ evidence, so let's begin there.

Do y'all remember when the paparazzi asked Kendall if she was dating Harry Styles, who's since come out as bisexual, but she responded by grabbing Lauren and hugging her instead?

  • Granted, the guy filming the video is really creepy, but that's besides the point.

    Even ignoring Kendall for a moment, I can’t get over the fact people are still saying Styles "can't possibly be gay because he dated Kendall" or "he dated Caroline Flack," or "he dated Taylor Swift."

    Kendall even took Lauren to a dog adoption on her birthday

    I have a lot of friends, and I've never taken any of them to a dog adoption.

    Kendall once got a tattoo inside her lip that reads 'meow'

    If this isn't gay as hell I'll just take a seat.

    Camila Morrone got involved, too

    The model commented asking "Is Lendall (Lake) a real thing?" on Lauren's Instagram live.

    Isac Sindell commented 'your girlfriend is a boss' on Lauren's post about Kendall

    And then it got deleted 40 minutes later.

    Kendall posted a pic of Lauren's hat with a caption "x xxxx xxx"

    Which means "I miss you."

    Kendall and Lauren liked the same pic of two women holding hands

    The caption read "I miss you more at night."

    Lauren posted this picture on her gram

    With the caption "cuddle sesh ?."

    Now watch them check out the same girl

    Could just be her shoes, but still.

    Lauren's cousin posted this

    And then deleted it right after.

    Selena TOLD us

    Selena Gomez literally said "Kendall isn't single" in march of 2016 — a time when the only person she'd been spotted with was Lauren.

    Then when everyone thought it was Harry Styles anyway — the only other person it could've maybe been — we found out it wasn't.

    For a long time she was best friends with Cara Delevingne

    Who is, similarly, very gay.

    Tyler the Creator also said he and Kendall are gay

    When Kendall joked about a headline claiming the two of them were dating, he said "Not possible, we're both gay."

    And yet we still didn't believe it.

    She never confirms or denies dating rumors

    Unlike her sisters, Kendall never confirms or denies dating rumors — similar to many other gay celebrities. I guess they're too busy having a nice time to be worried about it or something.

    There are a lot of reason celebrities chose to, or or not to, disclose personal information about their intimate lives, but that slowly seems to be changing.

    Then again, maybe she's just quiet because she's boring.

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